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Giving Back

The folks who make The Big Bang Theory have demonstrated how you give back to support the source that contributes to your success.  They acknowledge that science has been a big inspiration to them and that science geeks have supported the show with enthusiasm.  So they closed the loop by sponsoring scholarships for STEM field students.

Now imagine if every successful television show or movie would give back to whatever made them successful.

See, this is why I protect wolf habitat and survival: not just because they're one of my totems, but because I write about wolves.  They inspire me, I write about them, I protect them, and there continue to be wolves for me to enjoy.  We help each other.  It is a cycle, as most successful things in nature are cycles.  I don't just pick up bits of tribal languages and walk away with them.  I link back to language nests and tribal right petitions.  I do potlucks and giveaways and know enough to do a blanket dance in rounds of 4.  Because it's not just about weaving a handful of native characters into what I write, but also about living this part of my cultural heritage, and doing things that help it survive into the future.  So too with crowdfunding: people give me ideas, I give them a free poem.  I boost signal for creative friends, and they do the same for me.  Sometimes people who feel that they're getting a lot out of the project will sponsor a piece they didn't prompt, just to make other people happy and keep it moving.  That's a basic tenet of the gift economy: the gift must move.  You maintain the cycle.

You give back.
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