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Poem: "Searching by Starlight"

This is the freebie for the May 2015 Creative Jam. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] alexseanchai. It also fills the "watch television" square in my 5-2-15 card for the Wellness Toolbox Bingo fest. This poem belongs to the [community profile] nineforthenebulasheart project.

"Searching by Starlight"

Ndidi Franklin has her own ways
of seeking the Nebula's Heart.

She leafs through archaic pages
and scrolls through text files,
making meticulous notes.

When she gets tired of the dry,
academic references then
she turns to pop culture to relax.

Starlight shines through
the thick windows of the lounge,
but these are not the stars
that she is looking for.

The Nebula's Heart is the star
she seeks to steer by, a spark
in the darkness, its significance
hidden by symbols and innuendo.

Ndidi knows it when she sees it,
though, and slowly pieces together
a pattern from the laughing comedies
and the solemn dramas.

Not just a pattern: a map.

* * *


Read about The Star in Tarot.

Ndidi Franklin is introduced on the canon page.
Tags: creative jam, cyberfunded creativity, poem, poetry, reading, science fiction, weblit, writing
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