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Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, October 14

This month's poetry fishbowl got off to a slow start (comments turned off again, but I caught that after about an hour) and gradually picked up speed. It was going wild there for a while! I started around 11:30 AM and wrapped up a little after midnight, with lunch and supper breaks.

I wrote 23 poems, the majority of them medium-length. Oddly, all of them were free verse -- not another form in sight. There were several prompts that I used repeatedly, and most of the poems drew on more than one prompt. I also noticed a surprising tendency towards vulgarity, something that appears rarely in my poetry; I tried to tag those accordingly in my descriptions, so if you dislike crude language, check yesterday's post before voting in today's forthcoming poll. The freebie poems are "The Doll House" (with 15 comments) and "The Repair Job" (with 4 comments; be aware that this poem is snide and gruesome political humor). There were 38 comments on the main fishbowl thread, and 9 people posted prompts. One of those prompts led to a site with lots of horror images, very productive.

This month's donors are: dakiwiboid, dulcinbradbury, minor_architect, janetmiles, and je_reviens. Thank you all for your generosity and support. I have posted the sponsored poem "Motherless" (with 8 comments) in a separate post. This one is getting mixed responses, and that's okay. Constructive criticism and discussion of a poem's strengths and weaknesses are welcome, as long as people don't get gratuitously rude. I'll get to posting the general sponsorship poll and the donor perk post as soon as I can. The poll is going to be huge this time, so keep an eye on my blog -- I may need to do a tie-breaker or something.

I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm. I asked you for scary stuff and you gave me prompts that turned into some truly hair-raising poems! I'm delighted with the results because I don't ordinarily write a lot of horror poetry, and I got a huge amount yesterday. It's good to stretch my wings.

EDIT 2/7/10: Two poems from the October 2008 fishbowl were sponsored and posted following the February 2010 fishbowl. One of the February poems was essentially a prequel to one of the October poems. Then I wrote a sequel to the other October poem. So you might want to read...
"Eviction, Noticed" (written 10/14/08)
"Home Shriek Home" (written 2/6/10)
"The Dream Dump" (written 2/6/10)
"Nightmares for Sale SOLD" (written 10/14/08)
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