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Poem: "Worshipping the Sun"

This poem came out of the April 2015 Creative Jam. It was inspired and sponsored by [personal profile] siliconshaman. It also fills the "feudal ties / master and servant" square in my 9-1-14 card for the [community profile] ladiesbingo fest. This poem features the characters introduced in the story "Atomic" by [personal profile] siliconshaman, and will make more sense if you have read that first. They belong to the series Polychrome Heroics.

Note: This poem features two women in an intimate relationship of unusual dynamics, with some major obstacles to overcome. The descriptions are vivid but not erotically explicit. Think about your tastes before deciding whether or not this is something you want to read.

"Worshipping the Sun"

For Blaze, falling in love
with Ilyana is like
worshipping the sun.

Don't look too long,
or the light will
burn out your eyes.

Don't come too close, or
your wings will catch fire and
send you plummeting to your doom.

Like the sun, Ilyana
is life and death and heat.

Blaze orbits her,
running laps like
Mercury in the myths.

Their relationship is as
impossible as it is inevitable.

Ilyana's power is poison,
and they both know it.

Her passion, well ...
she doesn't seem to keep it
quite where most people do.

Blaze doesn't care.

She is entirely prepared
to spend a lifetime looking for

whatever will make Ilyana's knees melt
the way Blaze's do when Ilyana
orders her down.

If she can't have what she wants,
then she'll learn to want what she has,
to find the middle ground where
their desires, at least, can meet.

Blaze holds long whispered conversations
with Aset and Pax and Sintonizao
about what she can do.

How do you get intimate when
you're from different cultures and
and have different interests?

How do you make love with someone
whose sweat is a ladylike glow
of Cherenkov radiation?

You adapt. You grow.
You compromise.

You ferret out the things
that both of you enjoy
and you do them together.

You indulge in intellectual foreplay
and discover cerebral orgasms.

You learn to feel the bond,
as incorporeal and potent as gravity,
that ties you each to the other.

You submit to what is,
in this moment,
forsaking all others.

Blaze has known for a long time
that she's kinky and loves women,
but it's just recently she has discovered
it doesn't have to be so physical, that
her sexuality -- like everything else --
can melt and become malleable

if it comes close enough to the sun.

* * *


The sun is necessary but dangerous. It can damage eyes if people stare at it. The myth of Icarus warns against flying too close to the sun.

Radiation can do serious damage to living tissue, and sometimes appears as a superpower. Ilyana gives off Cherenkov radiation when she exerts herself.

Ilyana and Blaze are developing a dominant/submissive relationship based on power exchange. This is challenging because Blaze has strongly identified as submissive for a long time, whereas the idea of dominance in sexuality is new to Ilyana.

Also Ilyana doesn't have a strong sex drive and hasn't even put much thought into her orientation, so a lot of her feelings about Blaze are "Where did THAT come from?!" It can be challenging for an asexual or demisexual person to form a relationship with a sexual person, all the more so if they aren't clear on their own orientation yet. Dating and developing relationships outside the usual sexual pairings will often require more work as a result. And that's before considering that one partner in this couple literally glows in the dark.

Intellectual Foreplay is a book with some interesting questions to spur conversation leading to deeper intimacy. This is hardcore pr0n for ace and demifolk, which also works for many sexuals. Remember that sexual attraction is really in the brain and you can have intellectual orgasms.

Erotic plasticity is the premise that sexual orientation is not always rigid, but can be mutable. It is frequently debated, poorly understood, generally a mess, and also quite real. Some people are gay (or any other orientation) by choice. Some people are blindsided when their orientation shifts unexpectedly in response to the right stimulus, usually a specific person. That doesn't make it okay to harass people over their orientation, just means you shouldn't assume that it's indelible. Assumptions in the area of sexuality can get people hurt badly.  Another point is that some people are aware of their sexual preferences, but choose a mixed-orientation relationship anyway.  In this case, Blaze adores Ilyana and Ilyana cares about Blaze, but their orientations are not a perfect match at first, so they have to do some serious work to figure out a relationship that they both find comfortable and satisfying. Love can't solve everything, but it can motivate you to work the problem until you find a viable arrangement.
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