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Walking Outside

It's a warm, breezy, overcast spring day here at Fieldhaven.  I went for a walk outside and saw ...

* Full bloom: daffodils, jonquils, giant hyacinths, grape hyacinths, forsythia, domestic apricot, domestic plum, wild violets, trillium.

* Buds: redbuds, gold currants, columbines, Manchurian apricot.

* The first few stems of asparagus are sprouting, and should be ready to start picking in a day or two.

* A bumblebee servicing the daffodils under the maple southeast of our house, heavy with pollen.  This is a strong sign of spring, as bees rarely emerge when there is still cold weather to come.

* The mourning dove nest under the porch roof is still active.  The one in the crotch of the walnut tree has fallen to predation, with a broken eggshell still in the nest.
Tags: gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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