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Mass Transit Maps

I had fun looking at these because one of the things that distinguishes Terramagne is its very nice public transportation system.  (You get what you pay for.)   I was intrigued to see that several cities had a very clear imprint of the classic city designs that actually work well.  For example, you can see echoes of London's square-grid system, while Paris and Moscow have more of a spiderweb.  Chicago has a fan, which is basically part of a spiderweb with radials but no lateral connections. New York is just a mess, what's sometimes called a spaghetti map, and Tokyo is just as bad.  Helsinki, Calgary, and Glasgow have all opted for very simple routes that work for them because so many of their major points are in a convenient order.

In Terramagne, local lines do a very good job of meshing together the important places in each municipality -- things like museums and restaurants for tourists, housing and shopping or work for residents.  Most places, you can hop a bus every few minutes.  Use coins for occasional trips, but you can get a better deal on tokens or a MUCH better deal on a swipe card if you travel regularly.  In addition to the regular routes, many places also offer point-to-point shuttles at certain times.  Groundhog lives in the Skylark Apartment Building in Onion City, which has some great perks but one of the downsides is a lack of easy transit access.  On weekends the apartment's shuttle goes somewhere interesting like the beach or a museum.  Town-to-town routes are well-served by buses and trains.  High-speed trains connect places that are farther apart.  The metroplexes are defined based on the coverage of their mass-transit system.  New York in Eastbord had the first Fleer, which is a super-gizmotronic train; Westbord has one, and Onion City's is in construction.  The inventor has been actively trying to teach other people how to build the engines, but so far with no real luck.
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