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Poll: "Salvaging" as Canon?

DW user Dialecticdreamer recently finished posting her novella "Salvaging."  It begins in Terramagne, home of  Polychrome Heroics, and then transits to Schrodinger's Heroes.  At first the detour was just a quirk and I was thinking of it as fanfic before returning to the Terramagne storyline.  But it grew on me, it got a lot bigger than any of us expected, and I quite like the characterization developments.  So that raises the issue of whether it's canonical in either world or for these two settings to be connected. 

There are pros and cons.  My universes actually do 'cluster' in related areas of the multiverse, not all of them together, but these two aren't very far apart.  It's reasonable to connect them, at least in the sense of potential travel -- it's never going to be exactly easy.  Storylines between nearby dimensions can be fascinating.  On the other hoof, a lot of writers have gotten into some very awkward mire by trying to connect everything, or even just too much, of what they write.  Do not want that to happen.

Since this is crowdfunding, I can throw open the question for audience participation.  What do you think?  Discuss.  I'll include a poll too.

Poll #2005931 Salvaging Canon

"Salvaging" should be canon for ...

ONLY Polychrome Heroics
ONLY Schrodinger's Heroes
BOTH Polychrome Heroics AND Schrodinger's Heroes
NEITHER Polychrome Heroics NOR Schrodinger's Heroes, just fanfic
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