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Karma Tribbles

Let's talk about karma tribbles. Karma is a kind of mystical balance that tracks positive and negative energy based on the good or bad things a person does. Think of it like a relationship bank account with the Universe. Tribbles were originally introduced as tiny alien critters on Star Trek, and the term has since broadened to small fuzzy things in general. Now put the two together...

What Are Karma Tribbles?

Karma tribbles are energy beings. They do not have physical bodies, just energy bodies. They exist to maintain the polar equilibrium of the Universe. They are attracted to extremes of negative energy, balancing it out with an abrupt snap like the way a spark releases static electricity. Summoning karma tribbles is an application of spirit magic.

Karma tribbles look like little balls of fluff. Sometimes they are pale, such as cream, white, golden, or silvery gray. Others are brighter pastels such as lavender, pink, or turquoise. They may be multicolored like tufts of cotton candy.

There are also karma bears, ranging from the size of black bears to polar bears, and nicely represented at home by a beanbag chair. Karma mammoths are about the size of a hairy elephant, or a garden shed. A giant beanbag bed is a decent symbol for them. Spirit workers start out by summoning karma tribbles. If you're good at what you do, eventually the Universe may start sending you the larger-size karma critters. The bigger they are, the more negativity they can handle.

Karma tribbles will purr and trill happily around positive to average people, but not pay a lot of attention there. They yeek and pounce on negative people.

How to Summon Karma Tribbles

Sometimes when you are getting started, it helps to have an image or stuffie of a tribble to use as a focus. For travel, you can even find tribble keychains.

Ground and center. Calm your personal energy. Focus on what is only you, not outside of you. Connect yourself to an outside source of stability and energy. (That is usually Earth, hence "ground," but some people anchor to a different element or plane instead.) Learn a pattern that works for you and follow it.

Meditate for a little while. This smoothes your energy and opens your spirit for making contact with other entities.

Think of the person who is making trouble, and what kind of problems they have caused. Concentrate on how they are hurting other people. Understand that when someone 'cheats' the moral balance of the world to obtain positive benefits from negative actions, this creates an energy debt. The goal of summoning karma tribbles is not to damage someone who has annoyed you, but rather to show them that their choices have natural and logical consequences, and to discourage them from damaging other people. Visualize the whole situation and hold it in your mind.

Ask the Universe to send a karma tribble to balance that person's energy. This usually results in something rather negative happening to them -- sometimes dramatically, other times subtly -- as their karmic debt manifests.

You can also direct karma tribbles into a place, such as a store that mistreats its employees, instead of an individual. This is useful if you're not sure who is the real root of the problem.

Afterwards, thank the Universe and the karma tribbles for helping make the world a better place.

Tips About Karma Tribbles

As a general rule, ask for one tribble. If the job is too big for just one, then more will come. If it is too big for tribbles, you might get something larger, such as a bear or a mammoth. If it is too big for your current experience, nothing will happen, and the job will get rerouted to some other spirit worker with the appropriate skills/authority.

Karma tribbles may be delivered in person, if you have to visit someone or someplace unpleasant. (If you are leaving a bad location, take care to scrape the soles of your shoes on the threshold as you leave, as if removing mud, to shake off any negative energy.) Alternatively, karma tribbles may be sent long-distance. It is akin to sending energy over a distance. This is easier if you have an image of the destination, or know it well enough to visualize clearly.

You cannot harm an innocent person with 'friendly fire' by sending karma tribbles. Either no tribbles will come, or they will attach to someone else. They are only attracted to negative energy, and it takes more than average to make them latch on. They will trundle through a whole crowd like fuzzy little bloodhounds to find the most jerktastic person(s) in the area. This makes karma tribbles a much safer method of dealing with negative people than a retaliatory attack, and somewhat safer than mirror shields.  You are unlikely to mess up your own karma by summoning karma tribbles.

Free will matters. The Universe has its own natural and automatic methods for keeping everything running -- but morality is a matter of conscious choice by sentient beings. Therefore, a majority of the problem-solving methods in this field require a human operator to decide when something needs fixing and how to resolve it. Your discernment and reliability determine the quality of response you get from the Universe. If you're good at identifying trouble spots and signaling for help, then you will build up respect among the karma tribbles and they will respond with increasing enthusiasm. If not, you won't get much response.

Take good care of your own karma. Technically, karma accrues during one life, the accounts are checked between lives, and that influences your next life. It is neither necessary nor wise to wait that long. Mind the balance as you go. Don't bother trying to be perfect; everyone makes mistakes. When you goof up, acknowledge what went wrong, apologize to anyone you upset, fix the mistake as best you can, do something positive to make up for it, and try not to make that same mistake again. Exchange negative energy for positive. Karma tribbles usually will not answer a summons from someone whose soul is all grimy, but if the wrong person keeps pestering them, will sometimes balance the summoner's account instead.

On the whole, karma tribbles are safe and fun to work with. They encourage you to pay more attention to the balance of energy within yourself and the world around you. They provide a way of addressing problems that may not be accessible through more conventional means. Think carefully, trust your gut, and do your part to make the world a better place.
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