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Read "Urgent Business" by Dialecticdreamer

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted Part 1 of her story "Urgent Business" in Frankenstein's Family.  It introduces a merchant, Vladimir, with some important messages for the village.  This takes place in December, overlapping with "Measure the Abundance" in the runup to Christmas, and laying some groundwork for the triptych.  "Urgent Business" will post daily until complete (skipping Saturday, which is "Salvaging" day) and there are six parts.

Regarding the triptych, "Man's True Nature" has been opened for microfunding at the sale price of $.25/line.  I haven't started posting yet, so the tally appears on the sale page under that poem's entry.  You can donate more toward it if you wish.  Once "Urgent Business" is fully posted, I will start posting "Man's True Nature."
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