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Building the Imperial Hotel

my_partner_doug and I built the Imperial Hotel Lego set.  Click through for pictures.

Session 1

This is the box that the Legos came in.  The set has 1188 pieces.
Imperial Hotel Box

Here is the booklet, perfect-bound and printed on glossy paper, but not the clearest set of instructions we've seen.  That orange nub is part of the brick separator.
Imperial Hotel Instruction Book

These are the pieces for the first step of construction.  Those black plates will become the base, and the flat gray caps pave over part of it.  The rest is mostly outlining the building.
Session 1 Parts

Here is the assembled base plate after Session 1, including the name plate.
Session 1 Complete

Session 2

These are the parts for Session 2.  Those beige pieces are for building up the walls.  The translucent smokey ones will become the first windows.
Session 2 Parts

Here is the model with the walls up and the front windows in.
Session 2 Complete

Session 3

These are the parts for Session 3.  Some side inserts go in, the front will be built up, and those gray plates go over the center front.
Session 3 Parts

Here is the model with the front built up.
Session 3 Complete

Session 4

These are the parts for Session 4.  All that gray goes into roofing the center front.

Session 4 Parts

Here is the model after Session 4.  The front section is roofed over, and the back wall has been raised a little.

Session 4 Complete

Session 5

These are the parts for Session 5.  We're doing walls and pillars!

Session 5 Parts

Here is the model after Session 5.  You can see the higher walls with the pillars, and another section of the center has been covered.

Session 5 Complete

Session 6

Here are the parts for Session 6.  The beige parts mostly form a framework for the black panels and gray caps.

Session 6 Parts

Here is the model after Session 6.  The whole center is covered now.

Session 6 Complete

Session 7

Regrettably I forget to shoot the parts.  What we did was make a bunch more windows, which you can see on the front and sides.

Session 7 Complete

Session 8

These are the parts for Session 8.  The black panels become the side ceilings, and the green pieces are roofing.

Session 8 Parts

Here is the model after Session 8 with the side roofs in place.

Session 8 Complete

Session 9

These are the parts for Session 9.  The beige pieces will build up the center of the roof, and then the gray caps cover it.

Session 9 Parts

Here is the standard view of the model after Session 9, fully complete!

Session 9 Standard View

This i the top view, showing the roof and sidewalk caps.
Session 9 Top View

Here is the front view, showing the windows.
Session 9 Front View

This is the Imperial Hotel with its box for scale.
Session 9 with Box
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