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Poll: General Fund for February 3, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl

The general fund currently contains $15.  You get to pick some poetry.  Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I will keep it open until at least Tuesday night.  If there's a clear answer by then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open longer.

Here are your options.  There are two $15 poems left, "Changeling Fishes" and "The Spirit's Wings."  There are seven epics currently available: "She's a Knockout," "Through the Loop," "The Attribute of the Strong," "The Instrument of Our Preservation," "Capes Make for Capers," "Too Expensive to Ship Back," and "Truth, Lovingly Told."  There is also an open epic, "The Gravity of Loss," which needs $16 to be fully funded.

First decide how to distribute the funds.  Then indicate choices within a category if needed.

Poll #1998591 February 3, 2015 Fishbowl General Fund Poll
This poll is closed.

Where do you want to put the $15?

Buy ONE $15 poem
Put $15 into opening a new epic
Put $15 toward "The Gravity of Loss"

If a $15 poem is funded, which should it be?

Changeling Fishes
The Spirit's Wings

If $15 goes to open a new epic, which of these most interest you?

She's a Knockout
Through the Loop
The Attribute of the Strong
The Instrument of Our Preservation
Capes Make for Capers
Too Expensive to Ship Back
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