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Shouting Names

 [personal profile] jewelfox has this snippet about transsexuals and names.  

When everyone else is politicizing something, it can seem like you are too, even if you're not.  Me, unless I say so, usually I'm not.  I've been writing about asexual and trans and what-all-else characters for decades.  Very rarely is the story about their sex stuff.  I've done a few, sure, but mostly I write background parity or else they're off having the same kind of adventures as any other main character.  Politics?  *shrug*  I write values.  One of those is how everybody deserves to have people like them in stories.  And every so often, I find a new "thing" that is currently attracting attention.  Far more often than not, I turn out to have written about it already decades ago.
Tags: gender studies, networking, writing

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