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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

The November Crowdfunding Creative Jam is now open on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.  Our theme is "salvaging and repairing people or ideas."  Come give us prompts, or claim prompts to inspire your own work! 

From My Prompts:

"Homesick Day" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer offers a bittersweet story about emotional first aid for homesickness, set in Onion City of Terramagne.

"Road Repair" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written about stopping street harassment.  This is another Onion City story, featuring the return of her construction workers Rudy and Gideon, plus Amada Durante from my storyline about Danso's family.

"Learning to Correct Yourself" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer presents an adorable fluff story about a little boy trying to figure out the complex etiquette of asking adults about their personal relationships.  It's another Polychrome Heroics story, set out on the west coast this time, featuring her Finn family.

"A Good Mistake" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer made another piece related to the Finns, this time told from the perspective of family friends Jules and Mariset as they try to untangle an ugly bit of professional chicanery.

"Chaotic, Not Evil" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer wrote this oddly charming piece about an assassin rescuing a superkid.  (Warning for child exploitation.)

"White Cats Are Evil" -- [personal profile] dialecticdreamer has written a crossover between Polychrome Heroics and Schrodinger's Heroes which directly follows "Chaotic, Not Evil."  This story has been continued, so look for the later installments in the thread on the Creative Jam post and in her DW journal.

What I Have Written:

"Mending Spirals" -- this session's freebie, about genetic ethics in Nine for the Nebula's Heart.

"In Dublin's Fair City" -- 224 lines, $112 (Polychrome Heroics)
Your chaotic prompt inspired the free-verse poem "In Dublin's Fair City." Instead of a Scottish referendum, Terramagne had an Irish one, and Backdraft got dragged into providing fire suppression service for the occasion.  
"My Greatest Source of Achievement" -- 168 lines, $84 (Polychrome Heroics)
From this I got the free-verse poem "My Greatest Source of Achievement." Danso deals with an unsupportive teacher, and Hannah suggests exploring church groups. 

"Wolf-Wind" -- 86 lines, $43 (Hart's Farm)
For an extended family, I wrote the free-verse poem "Wolf-Wind." Everyone in Hart's Farm pitches in to take care of the children -- even when there is an unexpected arrival. 

"Clipped" -- 387 lines, $193.50 (Polychrome Heroics)
This inspired the free-verse poem "Clipped."  When a runaway just turned 18 comes to SPOON for refuge, Groundhog struggles to deal with the challenges.  Then Granny Whammy drags Danso into the situation, hoping that he can help.

"Stretched" -- 232 lines, $116 (Polychrome Heroics)
"Stretched" is a free-verse poem that picks up after "Clipped." It shows what happens when Danso gets home after the fiasco at SPOON. Heavy duty hurt/comfort.
(Available for publication after "Clipped"  has been sponsored and posted.)

"Settled" -- 320 lines, $160 (Polychrome Heroics)
The third in this set is the free-verse poem "Settled." It picks up the morning after "Stretched" and shows how Danso feels in the aftermath, along with what Hannah and other folks have been doing to protect him. 
(Available for publication after "Clipped" and "Stretched"  have been sponsored and posted.)

See Also:

"Finding the God in the Gate" -- a Blueshift Troupers story by [personal profile] zeeth_kyrah  inspired by conversation between myself and [personal profile] dialecticdreamer.  A traveler wants to meet God by passing through a jumpgate.
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