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Unsold Poems from the November 4, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the November 4, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my LiveJournal profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods.

"Building Doors" -- 162 lines, $81 (Polychrome Heroics)
Your prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Building Doors." (You'll want to read "Bending Forks" first.) Chester learns that there's something to be said for tolerating a person who can make bad days go away, even if it doesn't quite agree with your ideology.

"A Canvas for Reinvention" -- 282 lines, $141 (Polychrome Heroics)
Your prompt about Mallory inspired the free-verse poem "A Canvas for Reinvention." Mallory can't sleep, so Clements helps her feel better and Maze offers ideas on coping with the future.

"The First Requisite of a Good Citizen" -- 186 lines, $93 (Polychrome Heroics)
Your prompt inspired the free-verse poem "The First Requisite of a Good Citizen."  When a creeper comes to town, Buttons is happy to get a piece of him, and her college friend Junket is there to lend a hand.

"House of Cards" -- 84 lines, $42 (Polychrome Heroics)
This inspired the free-verse poem "House of Cards."  Lakia finds out why one of her classmates keeps bugging her about her tail.

"A Means to the Knowledge" -- 164 lines, $82 (Polychrome Heroics)
Your gymkhana prompt led to the free-verse poem "A Means to the Knowledge." Alicia and Judd practice riding together, but it's boring all by themselves. So they find a pony club holding a gymkhana meet. Won't this be fun? Oh, and somebody in Terramagne came up with a brilliant solution to the "everybody gets a ribbon" issue.

"Save the City" -- 232 lines, $116 (Polychrome Heroics)
I mixed this with a gaming prompt to get the free-verse poem "Save the City."  Given previous experiences, Danso is twitchy about meeting Nathaniel's grandmother, but a cooperative game helps break the ice.

"Since Reason Is Incapable" -- 60 lines, $20 (An Army of One) SOLD
This inspired the free-verse poem "Since Reason Is Incapable."  The Galactic Arms keep trying to play backgammon along the edges of the Lacuna, shifting around in hopes of advantage.  Hootowl finds a way to let off some of the pressure.

"Thorns and Claws" -- 90 lines, $45 (Beneath the Family Tree)
From this I got the free-verse poem "Thorns and Claws."  Cobble's spirit quest leads to a valuable new discovery.

"What You Expect Them to Be" -- 204 lines, $102 (Polychrome Heroics)
A backchannel prompt from DW user Dialecticdreamer inspired the free-verse poem "What You Expect Them to Be."  The science teacher sticks up for Lawrence when his coworkers get pushy about how 'that boy needs help.'

"Winning Hands" -- 64 lines, $32 (Path of the Paladins)
Your prompt about Johan led to him and Althey working with skittish villagers in "Winning Hands."  Neither of them is much use alone, but they make a great team.  This poem is written in free verse.

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