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Polychrome Heroics sale is SOLD OUT!

The Polychrome Heroics sale has SOLD OUT!  Thank you for your generous support.  I do not have all the poems posted yet, so I have marked them as sold with notes about the respective sponsors.  Watch for new poems to appear; you have a ton of goodies in progress.  It is likely to take quite a while for me to finish uploading all this stuff and updating appropriate listings, etc.

Special thanks to my partner Doug for the wildly popular and successful quarter-price sale.  It seems to be the runaway innovation of this year.  :D

Personal Service Announcement:

Due to some household factors, I am overloaded and falling further behind.  It's nothing bad; some of it is great, like having houseguests for Samhain.  But it means I have a drawerful of time-sensitive obligations and a handful of spoons to meet them with.  Things are starting to get dropped that really should not be dropped.

How you can help:

1) If you email or private-message me about something and I don't get back to you in my usual 2-3 days, it has probably fallen out of my attention.  If it is trivial, I probably won't get back to it and I hope that's okay.  If it is important, please check back with me so I do not forget about it indefinitely.  (This includes the work I'm supposed to be doing reorganizing my website for Polychrome Heroics.)  You're not nagging, you're tracking.  It just may take me a while, and more than one reminder, to get the most important stuff actually done.

2) Be patient with the fact that I'm falling behind, losing stuff, and making mistakes because I am busy-cubed and my brain is kind of fried.  If you point out mistakes, I will fix them as best I can.  Thank you!
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