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Poem: "Nancy's Kids"

This poem is posted courtesy of [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, who came up with a batch of new ideas for Floppit characters on the show Semolina Lane in Polychrome Heroics, which inspired the following theme song. Imagine this with a bright, jingly little tune; it's illustrated with clips of the characters. It also fills the "taking care of each other" square on my Wordsmith Bingo Card.

"Nancy's Kids"
-- theme song for the Nancy's Kids club inspired by Semolina Lane

Nancy's kids are big and small
Nancy's kids are short and tall
Nancy's kids are young and old
Close enough to hug and hold --
We're a family, each and all!

Nancy's kids have earned our due
Nancy's kids have troubles too
Pick each other off the floor
That's what helping hands are for --
We make family, yes we do!

Nancy's kids like rocks and trees
Nancy's kids like fruit and cheese
Nancy's kids grow up so fast
But we're having such a blast --
Come and join us, won't you please?

* * *


Nancy is a florist, perfectly expressed in her green fur and flowered dress, contrasted by her steel gray hair. She wears a plain beige apron with her work tools in it almost all the time, and is a grandmother fostering several Floppits of varying ages.

Children who make guest appearances on Semolina Lane often want to be one of Nancy's Kids, and there is a club of the same name which began when foster parents grouped together to help their kids see positive examples of foster families. Tim Henson and his wife got word about it backchannel, and enthusiastically endorsed the club, though it doesn't limit membership only to foster kids.
[Character and club design by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer.]

* * *

Floppits are a type of puppet developed by Tim Henson (who is still very much alive), appearing in the Terramagne television show Semolina Lane. They are akin to the Muppets produced by our world's Jim Henson, starring in Sesame Street.

In Terramagne, Nancy's Kids occupies as similar social niche as The Mickey Mouse Club in ours. It's the "cool" club that cultivates a sense of fun and belonging, while teaching some useful life skills.

Nancy and her club show that grandparents can raise kids, foster families can make a positive improvement in people's lives, and it's okay for families to have different shapes.

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