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Poll: Free Epic Poem for October 2014

Based on an audience poll, you get to pick a free epic from Polychrome Heroics.  Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I'll keep it open at least until Monday evening.  If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a while longer.

There are 9 epics available at this time, not counting some that have prerequisites.  With that many in play, I'm going to make this a checkbox poll instead of radio buttons.  This means you can check however many poems you would enjoy reading (just don't check them all, so we can weed out the less popular ones) and I'll see which one proves the most popular.  Some of these also unlock sequels which may be sponsored and posted after the preqs go up.  (You can sponsor poems at any time; the locked ones just don't get posted until after the prequels have been published.)  Here are your options ...

"Part of Your New Life"
Damask and Mallory talk about what to do with her unplanned pregnancy and homelessness.
290 lines, $145
(Posting this would unlock "Outnumbered and Outclassed.")
"A Little Something Extra"
Lagniappe, Stormtreader, and Mudslinger lay down the first connections for what will become the Easy City metroplex.
310 lines, $155

"Simple as a Glass of Chocolate"
Señora Cocoa has the soothing powers of chocolate.
85 lines, $42.50

"The Tallest Poppy"
Savoir Faire and the Rescuer deal with the aftermath of bullying.
150 lines, $75

"Before the Fever Breaks"
Lawrence doesn't feel well, but thinks he can hide it from Stan while they're studying.
628 lines, $314
(Posting this would unlock "What a Precious Privilege.")

"Climbing the Family Tree"
This is the missing poem from Danso's storyline in which his found-family meets with Rosita's birth-family for the first time.
385 lines, $192.50

"Finding the Tears" 
Danso observes his mother's birthday with help from Hannah.
94 lines, $47

"Nancy Stories"
An adventure at a nutmeg farm has life-changing results.
98 lines, $49

"The Girl with the Hair That Would Not Be Tamed"
When white girls have prehensile hair, it comes out like Rapunzel.  For black girls with nappy hair, the experiences is a bit different.
82 lines, $41

Poll #1985252 Free Epic Poll for October 7, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

Which of these poems would you like to post as the free epic?

Part of Your New Life
A Little Something Extra
Simple as a Glass of Chocolate
The Tallest Poppy
Before the Fever Breaks
Climbing the Family Tree
Finding the Tears
Nancy Stories
The Girl with the Hair That Would Not Be Tamed

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