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A Brief History of My Career - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
A Brief History of My Career
laneth mentioned not knowing much about my career. I figured the rest of you might be interested in a summary, so here it is for general viewing.

I've been writing since I was about 6. That's the earliest piece of my work that my parents saved.

The first really determined development of my writing began in junior high, when I started writing a poem a day on weekdays, sometimes extras on the weekends. I was hand-copying them to show to acquaintances at school. That went on for, hm, 3-4 years.

I first made money from writing when I was in high school, for an essay on environmentalism.

Not long after that I started making occasional poetry and nonfiction sales to magazines. About the same time I got involved in science fiction conventions and fandom, and writing for fanzines (fiction, nonfiction, demi-fiction, and poetry).

I earned a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric with a Women's Studies minor from the University of Illinois. I have learned FAR more on my own than I ever did in school, but some of my classes there were and continue to be very useful. *chuckle* Including the bad examples. Many fools have crossed my path, and they have saved me making many, many mistakes of my own.

I got my first regular reviewing column in 1995 and several others rapidly followed, including paying ones. That's when the massive deluge of books began. I love reviewing. It's like Christmas all year long.

I made my first two fiction sales on the same day, to different markets.

I went through several magazine columns over the years.

I picked up some regular work with Llewellyn, writing for their annuals.

I got invited into editing, first for one magazine and then another. That wasn't in my plan; the offer came up and I figured it was worth a try. It worked well for a number of years.

I've written over 50 classes for the Grey School of Wizardry and I serve as the Dean of Studies there.

I've gotten involved in cyberfunded creativity with the poetry fishbowls here and with promoting the concept generally on crowdfunding.

I've had hundreds of poems published; hundreds of reviews, articles, and other nonfiction items; a dozen or so stories; one nonfiction book of my own; and appearances in a good handful of other people's books.

I do freelance writing and editing. My main fields include speculative fiction, gender studies, and alternative religions; but I'm flexible and can handle a very wide range of topics. If you need a wordsmith, I'm for hire.

That's off the top of my head. I've probably forgotten some stuff, but it's a decent overview.

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