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Poetry Contest Update

I have more news regarding the SFPA 2008 Poetry Contest:

1) The winning poems should be posted on the SFPA site by Friday. You should be able to read "Artifacts of Intelligent Design" then.

2) The Speculative House of Poetry wants to do a chapbook of the winning poems. If you want a hardcopy of my poem, it will be in there.

The following prizes apply to the 2nd place poem:
  • $40 cash & prize certificate

  • SFPA website publication

  • an original painting by Marge Simon (out of three choices)

  • one year's subscription to Dreams and Nightmares

  • Riffing on Strings, edited by Sean Miller & Shveta Verma

  • I am particularly thrilled by the painting, because I love collecting original artwork but can rarely afford to do so. Several of the ones I have are gifts from friends, which makes them all the more precious. I'm a fan of Marge Simon's poetry; I didn't know she's also an artist, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the choices. Squee, squee!

    I'll continue to provide updates on the poetry contest and the chapbook as further developments come to my attention.
    Tags: awards, poetry, science fiction
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