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Poll: Generally Funded Epic Poetry for August 2014

The first general fund poll tied, but that's okay, because more money came in.  So I posted the two shorter poems, and now you ALSO get to pick some epic poetry.  Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I will keep it open until at least Tuesday night.  If there's a clear answer then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a bit longer.

The general fund currently contains $30.  You have the option of putting it toward either or both of the open epics.  Alternatively, you could open a new epic for microfunding.  my_partner_doug reminded me that Polychrome Heroics is really more of a setting than a single series, so I'm broadening the options there.


"The Impractical Cat" (Polychrome Heroics: Damask)
Damask encounters a mysterious stray cat, and gets involved in a bar fight with Farce.
264 lines total, needs $77 to fund fully.

"A Cat May Look at a Queen" (The Steamsmith)
Maryam and Farasat attend a holiday ball for steamsmiths.
134 lines total, needs $100 to fund fully.


"Friends, Family, and Fireworks" -- 158 lines, $79 (Schrodinger's Heroes)
A prompt about TeJay inspired the free-verse poem "Friends, Family, and Fireworks." Chris invites everyone to his birthday party, which requires a lot of space to keep them from rubbing each other the wrong way, but it gives TeJay some food for thought.

"Like the Sun" -- 71 lines, $35.50 (Schrodinger's Heroes)
Truth fields can be pesky things, as evil!Schrodinger discovers. "Like the Sun" is written in free verse and features several folks sharing their perspectives on what truth is like.

"A Little Something Extra" -- 310 lines, $155 (Polychrome Heroics: Easy City)
A prompt about Stormtreader and Mudslinger inspired the free-verse poem "A Little Something Extra," about Lagniappe's efforts to establish cooperation between different groups of superheroes in lower Louisiana. It includes the flooding of 1965. 

"Nancy Stories" -- 98 lines, $49 (Polychrome Heroics: new character Hanifa)
An advance prompt from LJ user Rhodielady_47 inspired the free-verse poem "Nancy Stories." A young storyteller discovers a wrecked space ship and realizes that the line between truth and fiction is fuzzier than he thought.

"Straight as an Arrow" -- 176 lines, $88 (Polychrome Heroics: Antimatter & Stalwart Stan) 
A couple of Dreamwidth folks raised issues of sex/romance. Stan and Lawrence talk about sexual orientation in the free-verse poem "Straight as an Arrow." Cottoncandy fluff with a side of introspection.

"Umbilical Lines" -- 184 lines, $92 (An Army of One)
Exploring matters of identity and expression comes through in the free-verse poem "Umbilical Lines." Astin, Weavercreep, and Operetta go scavenging in the junkyard and then go shopping. It's a glimpse not only of Astin's personal growth but also the Lacuna slowly evolving a culture and economy of its own, showing its roots but reaching beyond them.

Poll #1978494 Generally Funded Epic Poetry for August 2014
This poll is closed.

How would you like to distribute the $30?

ALL $30 into "The Impractical Cat"
ALL $30 into "A Cat May Look at a Queen"
$15 into "The Impractical Cat" AND $15 into "A Cat May Look at a Queen"
ALL $30 to open a new epic

If a new epic gets the $30, which should it be?

Friends, Family, and Fireworks
Like the Sun
A Little Something Extra
Nancy Stories
Straight as an Arrow
Umbilical Lines
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