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New poem pending: "Love Shouldn't Hurt"

[personal profile] lynnoconnacht has sponsored the poem "Love Shouldn't Hurt" in Polychrome Heroics. This one has prerequisites, so it won't appear quite yet, but you'll get to see it after the others post.
By now you have probably figured out that Lawrence's home life sucks. Stan finds out the hard way. Lawrence does not respond at all well.

I have posted the last several verses of "Look at Me."  That and "Pulling Pigtails" are earlier installments in this storyline, introducing Antimatter / Lawrence Cunningham and Stalwart Stan / Stanley Wood with their entertaining love-hate relationship.

In case anyone is planning to buy poetry on sale, but hasn't finalized a selection yet, this is an opportunity to get even more bang for your buck.  The prerequisites are "Dare Not Speak" ($73.50) and "Pride and Shame" ($67.50).  Totaled they cost $141 at the regular half-off level, or $70.50 with the extra discount for spending $100+.  If you're thinking about that $100 sale, you could buy both of these, which unlocks the already-sponsored poem, AND still have room to pick another $60 worth of half-off poetry (which would discount down to the $30 needed to make up the $100 donation).

Not sure how much you like this storyline yet because only a tiny bit has been revealed?  It's what I wrote after watching Lex and Clark, Erik and Charles, and all the other mainstream bad boy/good boy pairings that end horribly; and thinking "Oh my gods I knew guys like this  in junior high and high school, somebody please take them behind the barn and give them a copy of The Joy of Gay Sex;" and then wondering what it would really take to move a relationship from messed-up conflict to something healthier.  The wider story arc launched with "Pulling Pigtails" is an exploration of what happens when young people take the rapetastic advice they get from society and try to use that in actual relationships, and how much more of a mess it makes when those kids have superpowers.
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