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The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Polychrome Heroics Characters Part 3

This is a list of character descriptions for the series Polychrome Heroics.  Begin with Part 1, Part 2.

The Fennec (Kahina Fazil) -- She has green eyes, straight dark hair, and tinted skin. Her mother is Algerian and her father is Arabian. Kahina speaks Arabic, Berber, and French. She is Sunni Muslim, but also interested in the old pagan religions of Algeria. She travels around taking jobs as a teacher, historian, translator, seller of cultural artifacts, environmental consultant, or whatever else she can find. Although keenly interested in family life, she's having difficulty finding a Muslim man comfortable with her wild side.
The Fennec uses her travels to scope out the desert habitat wherever she goes, then solve problems as she find them. Sometimes this annoys people. True to her fennec nature, she is notoriously difficult to capture, and there are several hilarious videos of police trying and failing to do so, along with one epic chase by Haboob through the souks of Riyadh.
Origin: Kahina has always enjoyed studying the languages and history of her peoples. Her investigations into ancient Algerian manuscripts led to her accidentally contacting the lifeforce of the Sahara Desert, which bestowed her powers and an obligation to protect desert environments.
The Fennec became a nemesis of Haboob when she thwarted one of his terrorist attacks with a scorpion swarm. He survived, but swore revenge. Together they represent the life and death aspects of desert powers.
Uniform: Off duty, Kahina tends to dress modestly but enjoys bright shades of yellow, green, and blue often adorned with gold embroidery and gold jewelry. At home she dresses more casually. On duty, she usually shapeshifts into a fennec and thus goes nude. Other times she wears a veil as a disguise.
Qualities: Good (+2) Historian, Good (+2) Languages, Good (+2) Muslim, Good (+2) Nimble, Good (+2) Traveler
Poor (-2) Unlucky in Love
Powers: Expert (+4) Fennec Powers, Good (+2) Control Desert Life
Her meta-power includes the ability to shapeshift into a fennec, exceptional hearing, and affinity for the desert environment. She is resistant to natural and empowered desiccation, heat, and poison.
Motivation: To protect the life of the deserts.

Fireheart (Atka Lecoeur) -- He has tinted skin, golden-brown eyes, and long straight black hair. His body temperature naturally runs around 100ºF and he needs extra calories to sustain his powers. His heritage is primarily Native Canadian (Inuit and Anishinaabeg) with a little French and British ancestry. He has worked as a wilderness guide and a counselor. He fell in love with Jackie Frost, and they have a daughter, Aurora, who is already showing superpowers.
Origin: As a teenager, Atka went camping with some friends, and a terrible storm blew up. They almost died of hypothermia, but then his Fire Powers manifested and saved everyone.
Uniform: Usually warm, durable clothes suitable for the wilderness.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Woodslore, Good (+2) Family Ties, Good (+2) Mediation, Good (+2) Cold Tolerance
Powers: Expert (+4) Fire Powers, Good (+2) Phasing
Vulnerability: Copper shorts out his superpowers with a painful shower of sparks.
Motivation: Keep the home fires burning.

Introduced in "Glorious Accidents."

Florence Rosenbaum -- She has fair skin, blue eyes, and short strawberry blonde hair. She loves making her own sourdough, sauerkraut, yogurt, and anything else that depends on a live culture. Florence serves as the school nurse at a high school in Omaha, Nebraska where Stan and Lawrence go. She is a busybody who often acts on immediate concerns without considering the long-term fallout. Consequently she has a touch-and-go relationship with the science teacher, Mr. Marshall. They both love talking about science, but when it comes to handling the kids, they tend to butt heads a lot.
Qualities: Good (+2) Deduction, Good (+2) Ferment Anything, Good (+2) School Nurse
Poor (-2) Considering Implications

Introduced in "What You Expect Them to Be."

Fortressa -- Corrigan Pierce bounced off the glass ceiling in her engineering major, and dropped out of college as a result.  Her sturdy, muscular build and plain face mean that many people overlook her, but she cleans up nice.  She wears her brown hair in a short, practical cut.  Her eyes are green and her skin is olive.  She has a history of horrible breakups with boyfriends and has sworn off love.  Corrigan is a talented mechanic and super-gizmologist.  She has a particular hatred of "boobplate" and "chainmail bikini" armor.  She drives a jeep painted in gray camo.  If she can convince people to work on a car together, they can talk through and solve almost any other problem in the process.
Origin: Corrigan's natural intelligence gradually built up, with Gizmology manifesting in high school and Super-Gizmology in college.  Frustration with the sexism in her field led her to build a suit of Power-Armor and become Fortressa.  Periodically she flies out to smash some college, corporation, or individual who has come to her attention due to sexist offenses. Fortressa is not terribly concerned about due process or collateral damage.
Uniform: Power-Armor, with a practical gray flightsuit under it.
Qualities: Good (+2) Battlesuit Pilot, Good (+2) Intelligence, Good (+2) Strength, Good (+2) Working on the Car Together
Poor (-2) Unlucky in Love
Powers: Expert (+4) Super-Gizmology, Average (0) Minions
Minions: The Pit Group consists of seven women, all with different skills in science and/or mechanics.  Together the Pit Group can repair (but not improve) Fortressa's power-armor.  Their leader, Socket, is secretly in love with Fortressa.
Expert (+4) Power-Armor: Expert Invulnerability, Good Energy Beam, Good Flight, Average Sensors, Average Tools & Supplies.  It has Hollaback on permanent scroll in the heads-up display.
Motivation: No one breaches my walls.

Introduced in "Pulling Pigtails."

Granny Whammy -- Helen Laguardia was Whammy Lass in her youth, one of the first really famous superheroes. She served in World War II. She has olive skin and brown eyes. Her wavy hair was black, and is now white. As Granny Whammy, she runs the Super Power Organizational & Operational Nexus.
Origin: Always a big strong girl, she came into her superpower at puberty.
Uniform: Whammy Lass served in the army and wore camo fatigues. Granny Whammy customarily wears dark green pants with a cream or white blouse, often with a camo-patterned sweater or vest on top.
Qualities: Master (+6) Commanding Respect, Master (+6) Wisdom of Experience, Expert (+4) Organizational Skills, Expert (+4) Stubborn, Good (+2) Activist, Good (+2) Armor
Poor (-2) No Longer a Spring Chicken
Powers: Good (+2) Strength
Motivation: Use the right tool for the job.

Introduced in "Nailed, Screwed, and Trued."

The Green Knight -- This is a poison ivy plant with superpowers. Immortality means that it can't be killed. Mobility allows it to grasp things. Super-Intellect in a plant means that it has animal-level awareness, perhaps equivalent to a cat; so it can do things like figure out how to hide inside a metal sign post or grab a sprayer. Its perception is based on tactile input from vibrations in the soil picked up through roots and air currents picked up through hairs and leaves. It's named after the Green Knight in the Arthurian Cycle.
Origin: It is suspected that repeated application of herbicides may have accelerated the evolution and adaptation for sake of survival, somehow leading to superpowers.
Uniform: A hollow square sign post made of galvanized steel, with a yellow T-intersection sign on top.
Qualities: Master (+6) Poison Ivy, Expert (+4) Armor
Powers: Average (0) Immortality, Average (0) Mobility, Average (0) Super-Intellect
Motivation: Survival

Introduced in "Leaflets Three, Let It Be."

Groundhog (Eunan Campbell) -- He has strawberry blond hair, green eyes, and pale skin with freckles. His weak lungs mean that he can't handle altitude changes well, and tends to catch every cold or chest bug that goes around. He works at the Onion City SPOON base as a dispatcher. He wants to support other soups so that bad things don't happen to them like what happened to him. He's one of the few people who is compassionate toward supervillains, because he understands how traumatic superpowers can be and how they can mess up someone's life. His parents run a plant nursery.
Origin: When his superpower first manifested during his infancy, he disappeared into the sky, and before he was rescued he got so high up that it damaged his lungs. His parents were frantic, and after that, overprotective. Left with vulnerable breathing and a timid nature, he stopped using his power.
Uniform: Navy blue shirt and pants with the SPOON logo embroidered in silver on the chest pocket.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Dispatcher, Expert (+4) Soup Contacts, Expert (+4) Sympathetic, Good (+2) Classic Literature, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Green Thumb, Good (+2) Sewing
Poor (-2) Weak Lungs
Powers: Good (+2) Flight
Limitation: He is acrophobic and agoraphobic, so he never uses his power. It still works, in theory; he's just too afraid of it to activate it.
Motivation: Support people with superpowers.

Introduced in "The Ones Who Would Do Anything."

Haboob -- He is an Iraqi supervillain whose name means Sandstorm.  Although he purports to be a holy warrior and likes to expound on the topic, he doesn't seem to have read the book.  Many Muslims feel that he misrepresents their faith, and they resent his violent tactics.  Haboob has brown skin, curly black hair, and brown eyes.  Nobody, including himself, knows his birth name.
Origin: Haboob's family was killed by American soldiers searching a village for weapons.  The adolescent Haboob was shot in the head and left for dead.  A freak storm destroyed the troop.  Haboob was found by a small terrorist cell and trained to fight.  Eventually he took over.
Uniform: Traditional desert garb of loose layered cotton clothes with a headscarf to keep out dust and cover the hair.
Qualities: Expert (+6) Terrorist, Expert (+4) Tough, Good (+2) Doumbek Player, Good (+2) Leader, Good (+2) Survival
Poor (-2) Muslim
Powers: Master (+6) Desert Powers
This meta-power includes Control Sand, Control Wind, Control Desert Life, and Dessication. The sandstorm effect makes it unsafe for Haboob to fly the way many wind-powered people can, although he's trying to find a way around that.
Good (+2) Minions: The Kitab consists of nine lieutenants, each in charge of roughly a hundred regular troops.  Lieutenants have qualities of Expert (+4) Terrorist, any other Good, Poor (-2) Fanatically Devoted to Leader, and one Good (+2) superpower (often Energy Blast, Strength, Speed, or Invulnerability).  Troops have Good (+2) Terrorist, any other Good, and Poor (-2) Uneducated.
Limitation: Haboob's super-powers grow stronger in or near a desert, but weaker the farther away he gets. He tries to stay close by drylands. His enemies try to get him away from there.
Motivation: Destroy America and other foreign invaders.

Introduced in "Sink or Swim."

Heartthrob (Santeri Hale) -- He is average height and a bit pudgy, also left-handed. He has sandy brown hair, hazel eyes, and pinkish-fair skin. His hometown is Ruston and he is twenty-four years old. He serves as the bass player for Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions. He plays a red burst Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-5 electric bass designed for left-handed use. He is the foundation of the band, holding everything together and keeping people comfortable with each other.
Origin: Always sensitive, his empathy recently reached super level and made his former counseling job untenable. The Rescuer recommended Heartthrob for the band.
Uniform: All black dexflan with a red rhinestone heart on the left chest, with black boots. His swag t-shirt is black with a red glitter heart on the left chest.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Counselor, Good (+2) Cook, Good (+2) Dexterity, Good (+2) Mellow, Good (+2) Musician
Poor (-2) The Show Must Go On! Even if someone has the flu. Even if there's an ice storm outside and three people inside for an audience. Even if there's a bomb threat ...
Powers: Average (0) Empathy
Vulnerability: Fork Magnet. The entire band consists of soups and they are becoming well known, although not really "big name" performers yet. This attracts negative attention from people who hate soups. Their shows have been picketed more than once, and individual members have been harassed.
Motivation: To help people.

Introduced in "Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions."

Howl (Nathaniel) -- He has limp curly brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.  He's pudgy with baby fat.  Nathaniel is allergic to wool and a lot of other things. This makes him a fussy eater and reluctant to try new foods.  He is often cranky; even with his Super-Senses damped down, the environment is overwhelming for him. His experience of abandonment makes him clingy with his new family.
Origin: He was born with his powers, and his mother abandoned him when he was three because of them. First Danso and later the Muffler take care of Nathaniel, keeping his Super-Senses turned down so they don't bother him as much.
Uniform: Play clothes. He needs smooth, soft, tagless, seamless clothes as much as possible. He detests shoes and socks, always trying to kick them off.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cautious, Good (+2) Cuddly, Good (+2) Loud
Poor (-2) Allergies
Powers: Average (0) Super-Senses
Vulnerability: Sensory processing disorder. Either Nathaniel lacks the required auxiliary powers that make Super-Senses bearable or they just haven't grown in yet.
Motivation: To stay with people.

Introduced in "The Ones Who Would Do Anything."

Jaan -- Andisha Samangani is an Afghani superhera whose code name means Ghost.  She has short wavy black hair, dark blue eyes, and light brown skin.  Local press paints her as a whore and a slut because of how she dresses.  Actually, she is both asexual and a virgin.  Over the years, Jaan has killed many men for assaulting women, including soldiers attacking their fellow troops, which has aligned several governments against her.
Origin: As a foreign exchange student, Andisha spent a year in France, where she volunteered as a model.  One day, a mystical brooch pricked her skin and left her with superpowers.  She decided to go home and champion the cause of women.
Uniform: Cutting-edge French fashion with a jeweled brooch and expertly applied makeup.  This enrages most Afghani men and embarrasses many women.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Feminist, Good (+2) Fashion Sense, Good (+2) Friends in France, Good (+2) Scholar, Good (+2) Weapon Skills
Poor (-2) Wanted by Afghani, American, and British governments.
Powers: Expert (+4) Teleport, Good (+2) Phase, Average (0) Microwave Beam
Average (0) Mystical Brooch: Good (+2) Charisma, Good (+2) Invulnerability, Good (+2) Regeneration
Motivation: Protect women.

Introduced in "Peace Offerings."

Jack Union -- This world-class soup operates openly out of Great Britain.  A baron's second son, Jack joined the army in his youth, serving with distinction.  He is tall and slender, with a little muscle definition but not beefy.  He has pale skin, straight dark brown hair, and blue eyes.
Origin: Jack's latent powers manifested during an intense firefight when he charged an enemy position to rescue his unit.  Now in addition to his military work, he sometimes does special missions for the Queen (whom he adores because she reminds him of his grandmother).
Uniform: Standard army uniform; when on a soup mission, he adds a British flag cape.
Qualities: Master (+6) Soldier, Expert (+4) Dutiful, Expert (+4) Hand-to-Hand Combat, Good (+2) Gentleman, Good (+2) Historian, Good (+2) Ruggedly Handsome
Poor (-2) Was That Racist? (often makes oblique, questionable remarks)
Powers: Expert (+4) Strength, Expert (+4) Invulnerability, Good (+2) Adaptation, Average (0) Energy Blast, Average (0) Flight, Average (0) Speed
Motivation: Defend the honor of the United Kingdom.

Introduced in "Peace Offerings."

Jackie Frost -- Jacqueline Tremblay is a tiny superhera from Canada with ice powers.  She began as a figure skater and had a near-death experience on the ice.  Now she can create ice anywhere and she fights with her skate blades.  She has a slim, straight body with flat hip-to-waist ratio.  She stands 5'1" and weighs 95 lbs.
Origin: While practicing on a frozen lake, Jacqueline tangled with another skater; she cut herself on the blades and nearly bled to death.  The cold of the ice kept her from dying.  After healing, Jacqueline discovered that she could produce and control ice.
Uniform: Figure skating dress in white and light blue with a snowflake pattern, and white ice skates.  The dress is made of dexflan to cope with her powers.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Figure Skater, Good (+2) French-Canadian Culture, Good (+2) Skate Fighting, Good (+2) Women's Studies
Poor (-2) Little Bit of a Thing
Powers: Expert (+4) Ice Powers, Good (+2) Speed
Ice Powers is a meta-power that includes Create Ice (Signature Stunts: Frost Mirror, Frost Screen, Ice Path, Ice Shackles, Ice Slick), Control Ice, and Ice Body (Spin-Off Stunts: Ice Gauntlets, Skates of Ice.  She is currently trying to spin off Ice Missiles from Create Ice, but her aim isn't good enough to hit anything yet.
Vulnerability: Always sensitive to heat, Jacqueline now has very little tolerance for anything much above room temperature.  She feels tired and queasy in warm temperatures.  At 80ºF she takes a downshift to her superpowers, and another downshift for every 10ºF above that.  Her Qualities start downshifting at 90ºF.
Motivation: Protect and pursue the Arts.
Model: Tara Lipinski, figure skating, 5'1" 95 lbs.

Introduced in "April Showers."

Jason Galanos -- He is an undergraduate who works at the Student Health Center in Urbanburg University, where he teaches first-aid classes.  Jason taught Maisie about first aid, which Clement has inherited.  Jason also introduced Clement to the comic book that cemented his identity as a first-responder type hero within the Damask collective.  He has a kind face with a scruff of beard, golden eyes and a long straight nose, wavy brown hair falling to his shoulders.  People say he looks like Jesus, which always annoys him because he is Greek rather than Jewish.  His office contains a peace lily on the windowsill and a trio of steel-blue guppies on his desk.  Jason is an ordinary person without superpowers.
Qualities: Expert (+4) First Aid, Good (+2) Teacher, Good (+2) Comics Nerd, Good (+2) Strong & Fit
Poor (-2) Hates Being Compared to Jesus

Introduced in "That Kind of Hero."

Jolt (Denzel Ray) -- He is African-American with nappy black hair in long dreadlocks, brown eyes, and black skin. He is short and skinny. His hometown is Littleton and he is nineteen years old. He plays keyboards for Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions. On his feet, he uses a black sparkle Roland Ax Synth Shoulder Synthesizer to jam with the guitarists. Seated, he plays a Hammond SK2 Organ through a Leslie speaker and a Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer on stands with a Roland Dynamic MIDI Pedal on the floor.
Origin: When his baby sister stuck a screwdriver into an electrical outlet, he saved her life at the cost of some burns and wound up with superpowers. Jolt sent a sample tape to Dr. Laser, earned an audition, and joined the band.
Uniform: All black dexflan with blue lightning bolts on the shoulders, and black boots. His swag t-shirt is black with blue glitter lightning bolts on the shoulders.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Appliance Repairman, Good (+2) Big Happy Family, Good (+2) Energetic, Good (+2) Musician, Good (+2) Tough
Poor (-2) The Show Must Go On! Even if someone has the flu. Even if there's an ice storm outside and three people inside for an audience. Even if there's a bomb threat ...
Powers: Average (0) Electrical Powers
Vulnerability: Fork Magnet. The entire band consists of soups and they are becoming well known, although not really "big name" performers yet. This attracts negative attention from people who hate soups. Their shows have been picketed more than once, and individual members have been harassed.
Motivation: Make the most of it.

Introduced in "Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions."

Joseph Elkdog -- He is the leader of a mostly Native American motorcycle gang.  That is, all of them were born somewhere in North America, and a majority are wholly or partly tribal in heritage.  This cultural medley means that the Iron Horses never fit in perfectly in the native or the mainstream society.  They are quasi-outlaw heroes, some rougher than others; they do things like hosting giveaways and protecting abuse survivors (sometimes fatally for the abuser).  Joseph himself belongs to the Blackfeet tribe.  He has straight black hair, black eyes, and copper skin.
Origin: The longstanding dispute between tribal and biker cultures over Bear Butte and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reached an odd crossroads when a young "city Indian" rode his bike up the mountain ... and then safely back down again, bike perfectly intact, in possession of a vision and rather more sense than he went up with.  He began studying his Blackfeet heritage and gathering members to form a motorcycle gang.
Uniform: Brown leathers with the gang patch.  The center of the patch shows a motorcycle/horse hybrid.  The top rocker says Iron Horses.  The bottom rocker names the home reservation for that band of the gang, although most bands have a mix of members from different places, not all of them from any reservation.  The patches are made with traditional Blackfeet quillwork, which along with the leathers often requires teamwork from several members; other decorations on the leathers may reflect the wearer's own tribe if not Blackfeet. Weather permitting, men who have done the Sun Dance go shirtless under their vests to display their scars.  Members typically wear their hair in long braids.  Each bike has a medicine bag attached between the handlebars so the spirits can recognize it.
Qualities: Master (+6) Biker, Good (+2) Blackfeet Culture, Good (+2) Humility Good (+2) Mechanic
Poor (-2) Torn Between Two Worlds
Powers: Expert (+4) Horse Totem, Average (0) Nature-sense
Good (+2) Motorcycle: Expert (+4) Magical Protection, Good (+2) Elusive, Good (+2) Fast
Average (0) Minions: The Iron Horses have 7 named lieutenants and dozens of additional members.  Lieutenants have qualities of Expert (+4) Biker and another Good; plus powers of a Good (+2) Totem and another Average (0) superpower.  Each Iron Horse has an Average (0) Motorcycle with Good (+2) Magical protection and two other Good qualities.  They all share the same weakness of Poor (-2) Torn Between Two Worlds.
Motivation: Protect Turtle Island and promote unity among her people.

Junket (Brandon Drexler) -- He has pinkish-fair skin and vivid indigo eyes. Although born with black hair, it turned peacock shades of blue and green when he gained his superpower. Unlike many soups, Junket has a business degree and staunchly maintains that what he does is honest work so he should get paid for it. This clashes with a lot of the altruistic superheroes and the ruthlessly mercenary supervillains alike. He's a businessman, dammit, and he just wants people to respect that.
Origin: At his college, an experiment in Super-Gizmology got out of hand and caused an explosion. A number of students caught in the blast developed Teleporting or Super-Speed, with Junket getting the former. They all share the distinctive peacock-colored hair.
Uniform: Expensive business suit, which rather clashes with his spiky blue and green hair. He also favors heavy eye makeup in the same peacock colors. Although he does not customarily wear a mask, he does carry one of blue silk rolled up in his pocket in case he needs to conceal his identity.
Qualities: Good (+2) Business Degree, Good (+2) Fanlore, Good (+2) Fast, Good (+2) Ladies' Man, Good (+2) Networking
Poor (-2) Jumps to Conclusions
Powers: Expert (+4) Teleporting
Motivation: "Let me make this abundantly clear: I do the job, and then I get PAID."

Introduced in "Over the Old Bridge."

Королева (Koroleva) -- a Russian supervillain whose name is a colloquial term for  "chess queen" in Russian, but more commonly translated as The Chessmistress.  Nobody knows what she looks like.  She always works through many layers of pawns and puppets.
Origin: Her parents evacuated from Chernobyl after the nuclear accident there.  Koroleva was born with the fingers of her right hand fused, so the radiation probably contributed to her superpowers.
Uniform: Street clothes, usually elegant businesswear.
Qualities: Master (+6) Intelligence, Expert (+4) Manipulation, Good (+2) Runner, Good (+2) Wealth
Poor (-2) Dexterity
Powers: Expert (+4) Mind Powers, Good (+2) Precognition
Good (+2) Minions: Фигура (Figura) or Chessmen have nine leaders and thousands of faceless followers.  Leaders have Expert (+4) Intrigue, a Good superpower, and Poor (-2) Thinking on Their Own.  Followers have Good (+2) Worker, a Good specialty skill, and Poor (-2) Just a Pawn.
Motivation: Life is a game; I play to win.

Lupê Hêdonê (Guadalupe Payne) -- Guadalupe is Hispanic-American of very mixed heritage, with an interest in ancient Greek culture. She has long, slightly wavy black hair, caramel skin, and brown eyes. She is tall and svelte, with a moderate swell of breast and hip. She resents being overlooked for white girls, or vanilla ones, or naries; hence her tendency of doing things to jolt people into paying attention to her. Her codename is Greek. Lupê means pain or distress, one of the Algea or spirits of pain. Hêdonê means sensual pleasure, the opposite of the Algea. She can use a combination of pain and pleasure for healing, interrogation, and other practical uses as well as recreation. Lupê likes to target soups who have sensual gifts, but she'll take other soups or even naries if that's what she can get. Recently she has taken to capturing spies and squeezing out their secrets on camera. She doesn't really care about the end results, just the process -- and the scandal of outrage that it causes.
Origin: Guadalupe was studying psychology in college, which led her into BDSM. Her then-boyfriend was a super-gizmologist who tied her up and experimented on her with weird science sex toys. This activated superpowers, but she had no control at that point and accidentally wiped his mind blank.
Uniform: Fetish wear, such as thigh-high leather boots, a dexflan corset, and an overrobe of capery lace. She loves classic red, but prefers Payne's gray to black.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Dominatrix, Good (+2) Anatomy, Good (+2) Beautiful, Good (+2) Greek Mythology, Good (+2) Psychology
Poor (-2) Taking Rejection
Powers: Expert (+4) Hurts So Good (Signature Stunts: Interrogation, Mind Control; Spin-Off Stunts: Healing, Regeneration), Average (0) Allure, Average (0) Sensual Empathy
Average (7) Minions: The Algea are handmaidens and squires in service to Lupê, each with their own specialty, Good superpower, and one other Good quality. They share the weakness Poor (-2) Fanatically Devoted to Leader. Their names are Pudor (Shame, humiliation; Hypnotic Voice), Ponos (Hardship, punitive labor & endurance training; Super-Endurance), Akhos (Grief, sadism; Super-Strength), Ania (Trouble, bondage & discipline; Silk Spinning), Pasithea (Subspace, masochism; Empathy), Paidia (Play, sex toys; Super-Gizmology), and Tenebrae (Darkness, sensory deprivation; Telepathy).
Motivation: To shock people.
Equipment: Paidia has furnished Lupê with a plethora of superpowered sex toys, including but not limited to:
* capery-velvet petting gloves
* capery sleep mask/blindfolds
* bondage ropes with capery fibers spun into silk base, some of them animated
* lightweight dexflan bondage tape, like vetwrap
* heavyweight dexflan bondage webbing, like bungee straps
* dexflan instead of spandex bondage masks and body stockings
* insertable toys of clear material with embedded dexflan fibers, like the tinsel, glitter gel, or dichroic glass ones

Mатрёшка (Matryoshka) -- She is a European actress of mixed Soviet Union heritage, using her illusionist superpowers to further her career.  She is among the most famous and popular soups.
Origin: Her superpower grew in gradually, beginning with little "fairy lights" in childhood, then strengthened during puberty until she could change her appearance.  She joined the theatre club in school to practice her skills and soon developed an impressive ability to portray different characters.
Uniform: Nothing consistent; when not playing a character, she tends to dress in current fashions.  Matryoshka refuses to wear anything made from animal products.
Qualities: Master (+6) Actress, Good (+2) Physical Fitness, Good (+2) Versatile
Poor (-2) Annoying Animal Rights Activist
Powers: Master (+6) Illusionist
Motivation: Attract the largest audience possible by becoming the best actress.

Mindflare -- Phineas Moore is a supervillain with mental powers.  He has short black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin.
Origin: Near-death experience: While touring in California, an earthquake collapsed a building around him, leaving him with a severe head injury and super-powers.
Uniform: Stage dress with a black suit lined in scarlet satin, white shirt, scarlet bow tie.  Mindflare relies on his powers to conceal his identity.
Qualities: Master (+6) Mentalist, Expert (+4) Will to Survive, Good (+2) Big and Tall, Good (+2) Connections in Entertainment
Poor (-2) Distractible
Powers: Expert (+4) Mind Powers (Signature Stunt Slice-and-Dice), Average (0) Illusion Powers
Vulnerability: Good (+2) Friable (can lose portions of his powers when attacking someone mentally)
Motivation: Get attention.

Introduced in "Cut to the Quick."

Miss Mixit -- Abby Brewer has fair skin, blue eyes, and messy blond hair usually worn in a bun.  She is the roommate of Mallory Brasher (Farce), and a rival of Mr. Whiz.  Mallory thinks of Abby as the worst roommate ever, with good reason considering that Mallory's suicide attempt with Abby's pills led to her developing superpowers instead.  Abby keeps getting away with things due to her knack for manipulating dorm politics.
Origin: As a little girl, Abby received a chemistry set for her birthday.  She added a few things to it from the family kitchen and garage.  Her experiments led to an explosion that covered her in goo.  This probably supercharged her ability to manipulate chemicals into doing remarkable things.
Uniform: Street clothes or lab wear.
Qualities: Good (+2) Chemistry, Good (+2) Dorm Politics, Good (+2) Swimmer
Powers: Good (+2) Super-Gizmology
Motivation: Outshine Mr. Whiz.

Introduced in "Buttoned Up."

Misty Morn (Melissa Birke) -- She is short and curvy. She has short blonde hair, gray eyes, and fair skin. Her hometown is Westbord and she is twenty-two years old. She serves as the rhythm guitarist and lyricist for Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions. She plays a silver sparkle Gretsch G5566 Jet double neck electric guitar. Because the lead vocalists have such different ranges, this allows her to switch quickly without having to change instruments, and is easier to do at a lower skill level for handling chords.
Origin: She got lost during a company camping trip, emerging from the sequoia forest four days later with no memory of what happened to her and with a new superpower. She joined the band when they played in her city.
Uniform: Her dexflan uniform is black at the center, fading to gray along the sleeves and legs, then white at the hems, with randomly scattered white rhinestones and white boots. Her swag t-shirt is black to white fade with white glitter dots.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Secretary, Good (+2) Enigmatic, Good (+2) Instincts, Good (+2) Limber, Good (+2) Musician
Poor (-2) The Show Must Go On! Even if someone has the flu. Even if there's an ice storm outside and three people inside for an audience. Even if there's a bomb threat ...
Powers: Average (0) Fog Powers
Vulnerability: Fork Magnet. The entire band consists of soups and they are becoming well known, although not really "big name" performers yet. This attracts negative attention from people who hate soups. Their shows have been picketed more than once, and individual members have been harassed.
Motivation: Soften the harsh edges.

Introduced in "Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions."

Mr. Pernicious -- Alonzo Donati is an Italian of mixed Moorish descent from Lucera.  He has brown skin, blue eyes, and straight black hair.  He wears a long black moustache.
Origin: Growing up in the foster care system, he experienced much discrimination because of his ancestry.  Due to the constant recriminations and abuse, he came to view himself as the personification of evil, developing superpowers in the process.
Uniform: Classic villain garb consisting of a black top hat and cape with an impeccable Italian suit in black fabric and a white dress shirt.
Qualities: Expert (+4) Intelligence, Good (+2) Dramatic Personality, Good (+2) Fighting, Good (+2) Gizmology, Good (+2) Wealth
Poor (-2) Internalized Racism
Powers: Expert (+4) Evil Eye, Good (+2) Temptation
Limitation: Evil Eye can be blocked by traditional methods such as cornetti or nazars.
Good (+2) Minions: There are nine lieutenants and many faceless drones.  Mr. Pernicious pays little attention to telling them apart.
Motivation: To be the physical embodiment of evil.

Introduced in "Dr. Doohickey and the Problem of Locomotion."

Mr. Whiz -- Lee Sato was formerly known as the Whiz Kid.  He has golden skin, tilted brown eyes, and short, wavy brown hair.  He is short and skinny.  He is a rival of Miss Mixit.  He has a bad habit of overestimating his abilities, which makes things go even more wrong.  Lee often helps other students with their homework, so a lot of people owe him favors.
Origin: Lee always had an interest in machines and a nose for trouble.  As a young teenager, he stole a super-gizmotronic motorcycle, took it for a joyride, and wrecked it.  Since then his abilities have increased, but something seems to be wrong and they're not growing in quite right.  So far it's left him with only Gizmology instead of the Super-Gizmology he wants and believes he deserves.
Uniform: His skulking uniform consists of black leathers with yellow piping, and a see-through spandex mask marked with yellow diamonds across the eyes.  But often he just dresses in lab wear.
Qualities: Good (+2) Engineering, Good (+2) Gizmology, Good (+2) Collecting Favors
Poor (-2) Nothing Works Like It Should
Motivation: Outshine Miss Mixit.

Introduced in "Buttoned Up."

The Muffler (Hannah Patterson) -- She has straight black hair now streaked with silver, hazel eyes blending brown and green, and tan skin. Hannah works for SPOON, raising children with superpowers who need foster or adoptive care. Her usual limit was two at a time, but she has just taken on a set of five siblings-of-choice.
Origin: Her powers grew in slowly over time. As more children began to manifest superpowers, she realized that her gifts could help them when nobody else could, so she became a foster mother.
Uniform: Street clothes. Hannah usually wears a light colored top with darker pants or skirt, and sometimes a cardigan over the top.
Qualities: Master (+6) Foster Mom, Expert (+4) Eyes in the Back of Her Head, Expert (+4) Soup Contacts, Good (+2) Crafts, Good (+2) Never Mess with the Mommy, Good (+2) Pillar of the Local Church, Good (+2) Sports Fan, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Love Life
Powers: Good (+2) Power Nullification, Average (0) Empathy
Motivation: Love makes a house a home.

Introduced in "The Ones Who Would Do Anything."

[To be concluded in Part 4 ...]

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