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Building Orthanc, Part 7

my_partner_doug and I are working on the Tower of Orthanc.

Begin with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Below are the parts for our thirteenth session.

Session 13 Parts A

Here are some of the specialty parts, including a pair of keys.

Session 13 Parts B

The orc helmet, shield, and sword are trophies to be displayed.  Those two clear pieces at the top of the center row are used to hold up the helmet.  However, the large clear cylinder is the same size as a minifig head, so it would make an excellent invisible head.  When the clear cylinder is attached to the clear lid, they look like a glass jar.  Very versatile.

Session 13 Parts C

Here are the pieces for Gandalf the Grey.

Session 13 Parts D

Now Gandalf the Grey is fully assembled.

Session 13 Gandalf

We're building a floor and a trapdoor.

Session 13a

Now those two subassemblies are attached.

Session 13b

Here more items have been added inside the walls, including a barrel in one corner.

Session 13c

The walls are rising, using some of the grooved bricks.

Session 13d

Many more decorations have been added, including three staves in the barrel and a pair of keys bracketing the eye banner.

Session 13e

This is the folding ladder for the trapdoor.

Session 13 Subassembly

Now the top frame is complete.  This is the end of our thirteenth session.

Session 13 Final Inside

Here is a view of the outside.

Session 13 Final Outside

These are the pieces for our fourteenth session.

Session 14 Parts A

This clear piece and black frame will go together.

Session 14 Parts B

The floor/ceiling is in place.

Session 14a

Here is the outside view.

Session 14b

This round section defines the center of the next part.  Also, the thorns have been installed.

Session 14c

This central section is very unstable before its top parts lock everything together.

Session 14d

The top is on.  You can see some of the little clips that will hold other parts of the tower later.

Session 14e

Now the big subassembly has been placed atop the tower.

Session 14f

This subassembly is the latch for the trapdoor and its ladder.

Session 14 Subassembly

Here you can just see the latch to the right of the hole, where the trapdoor has been opened with the ladder extending down to the level below.

Session 14g

This is the whole tower at the end of our fourteenth session, seen from the inside.

Session 14 Final Inside

Here is the whole tower at the end of our fourteenth session, seen from the outside.

Session 14 Final Outside

[To be concluded in Part 8 ...]

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