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Flameraven's Art

So flameraven commented on my work and mentioned being an artist, and I thought, "Great, I'll go check this out."  Golly gee whiz wow.

Here's a Tumblr page with samples.  I love the book dragon because, well, books and a dragon.  This forest picture grabbed me for the contrast of red/orange and blue/white, but on closer inspection also has great interest in the swirling critters.  This is the first of several vivid bird pictures that caught my interest, and here is a raven in gears for excellent framing.  This is something like a melange of gears, galaxy, sunset, and aurora.  Space turtle: color contrast, motion, and cool concept.  Check out the curl and flow of this ocean scene.  Cuddlefluff family scene of friends with a map; bonus points for gender balance and diverse personalities.  Different style of art here, more realistic, with a stuffed bird and some paper cranes.  There is quite a bit of variety in art concepts.

flameraven is also illustrating the game Weirspace.  Ah, that's where the space turtles are coming from.  Neato.
Tags: art, gaming, nature, networking, science fiction
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