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Story: "Squiggles" 1509.01.21

"Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal"


Third Form is even more of a challenge than Second Form. Now students have to choose between the Science track or the Trade track. Some classes count for both, but a lot of classes are specialized one way or the other. I'm taking the Science track, of course. If I do well enough, the Empire will sponsor me in higher education.

The classes are more specific now. This year's science class is "Genetics for Novices." That made me laugh -- I haven't been a total novice in this subject for years! But now I will get official class credit for learning it, and maybe I'll be able to figure out why none of my Squiggle Mice ever have black coats or bicolored coats. I have another class on "Writing in the Sciences" that should be useful for reports and such. For art I'm taking "Color Theory and Practice." We'll be using watercolors, oil paints, chalks, and color pencils to study different kinds of pigment. Those should be fun to take out to the flower festivals!

My civics class, "People Reaching People," has an interesting project. It is an ongoing assignment, like when I started the journal back in First Form. We get to make letter-friends in other towns, then write back and forth. The first ones will be other students our age doing the same assignment. Later on, though, we're supposed to find other people on our own. Teacher Teqass says that it's important to make friends long-distance because that helps hold the Empire together. I think that she sounds like my mother trying to coax me into attending another stupid party when I want to be reading.

See the landing page for "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal."
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