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Poem: "Land and Life"

This is today's second freebie, courtesy of new prompter [personal profile] cirque. It was inspired by [personal profile] mdlbear.

"Land and Life"

Shape She had before names,
form found in pebbles
scratched with stone flakes,
body squeezed from clay
to create echoes of womanhood.

Names She had before time,
and carried down through time
like driftwood on river-water.

Mut She was in Egypt,
mother goddess of civilization's dawn,
who made people more than beasts of the field.

Ninsun She was in Sumeria,
Lady Wild Cow, queen of Uruk,
who brought forth the hero Gilgamesh.

Tuuwaqatsi She was on Turtle Island,
who handed down the First Law:
Tutskwa I'qatsi,
Land and Life are one.

Gaia She was in Greece,
the primordial mother of all;
Gaia She is again,
hypothesis of the mind of Life,
that all complexity might know itself
and work toward its own survival.

Shape She had
and names She had,
rising through consciousness
like a bubble of breath through seawater.

Truth She has,
whether men know Her or not.

* * *


You can read more about the Mother Goddess online.

The Gaia hypothesis posits that the organisms of the biosphere cooperate to maintain life-friendly conditions on Earth. Except for the brainiest species, which has somehow become stupid on this matter and is busily wrecking everything in sight: an unfortunate counterpoint.
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