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Poem: "Canning and Snow Caves"

This poem came out of the November 2013 crowdfunding Creative Jam.  It was inspired by a prompt from nimitzbrood.  It has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. 

Canning and Snow Caves

Old skills are seasonal things,
drawn out by the year's changing needs.

Spring clamors
for cleaning and planting,
putting everything into motion.

Early summer is for exploring,
while the world is soft and welcome,
the first fruits peeking through the leaves.

Then comes swimming in open water,
skin remembering river and sun
and freedom.

Late summer brings the full flush
of fruits and vegetables,
so it's time for canning
and freezing and drying,
putting up as much as possible
to save for later.

Autumn cools summer's eagerness
with the hard work of harvesting the fields.
There is wood to be cut, fires to build,
butchering to be done.

Winter wraps itself around the world
like a cold white cloak,
and the work comes indoors now.
This is the season of mending and making:
tools are repaired and stored away,
clothes and quilts are patched up
or created from whole cloth.
Snow makes it easier to track game,
and it offers shelter if you know
how to build a snow cave.

Learn to count time
not by days but by tasks.

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