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An Idea for a Show - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
An Idea for a Show
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fayanora From: fayanora Date: November 25th, 2013 03:05 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Thoughts

Another issue is, Duenicallo are HUGE. Like, 10 feet tall when standing on their hind legs.

Also, public nudity is fairly common among AKB on Traipah, where weather permits. So it would have to be a series for HBO or something, because that point would be one of the first things human immigrants might have a problem with. (The nudism is across the age board but I doubt we could get away with that aspect of it, Western culture being so touchy about minors being publicly nude, especially on film. It wouldn't be illegal, just extremely controversial and therefore unlikely to happen.)

Sets could get interesting, too. Most of the area of Traipahni cities is underground; some Traipahni cities don't have any above-ground parts at all, others have parks up there. A few have some really old housing on the surface. Though it depends on the area; swampy areas tend to have entire villages either on wooden supports, or villages/towns comprised entirely of interconnected boats. And other regions are thick forests of trees so tall they dwarf redwoods, and thus housing there is nestled in the canopies.

Oh, LOL... the planimal hunts would get interesting. Though they are herbivores, the AKB hunt for planimals (plants that can get up and move around like animals, and even eat animals and other planimals.)

Man, I could think of all kinds of ways to create interesting culture shock moments for a human immigrant family. Like there was this story once that I gave up on that had a lovely scene of humans eating dinner with a Duenicallo family; one person was LOVING this one meat, and asked what it was. One of the Duenicallo said it was uterus, the human lost his appetite, and that sparked this big debate about why so many humans are so picky about what parts of the animal they'll eat, and their wastefulness. (Duenicallo use every part of the animal, ask permission from the spirits of the animals they hunt before killing them, and have moments of mourning and thankfulness at dinner, directed at the spirits of the animals they've killed.)

LOL, and if we could get away with it (probably could), I can see some hilarious moments resulting from a human seeing an AKB "grah'bihn." (The long, thick, prehensile penis they have.) Especially seeing as the AKB attitude toward the grah'bihn is... more casual than that of humans toward their penii. AKB will not hesitate to whip out their grah'bihn and use it to pick up things when their hands are full, or when hands can't reach into a space. And in some Traipahni cultures, it is customary to greet others with a "handshake" between two grah'bihn.

In general, the people of Traipah have a very relaxed and casual approach to sex. It is, to them, the most natural and sacred thing two or more people could share.

Speaking of sex... the story I started and am technically still working on introduces another tricky cultural difference, in that it's revealed that Nokwahl and her sister D'Reenah are "nest mates," IE every time they get together, they *ahem* get together, because they are in love with one another. But both are also polyamorous, yet one more area of difference, because monoamory is the unusual type of love on Traipah. Most Traipahni people consider the idea of "one true love, with no others ever" to be absurd.

Lastly, the people of Traipah are autistic compared to humans. But their whole culture is adapted to that, so they function just fine in their own cultural spaces. It's only a problem around humans, especially in human-controlled cultural areas. In fact, I need to add little signs of that in the Nokwahl stories, since Nokwahl lives on a human-made and human-dominated space station orbiting Earth.
(Which also means that neurotypical humans would be maladapted to Traipahni culture to begin with.)
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