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An Idea for a Show

I've been thinking about diversity on television -- or more like, lack of diversity. Then I noticed all the buzz about Dr. Who and regenerations. I like the idea of characters who change over time. So then I thought ...

Imagine a show based on a team of shapeshifters who travel the galaxy solving problems on different planets. Everywhere they go, they adapt to the local culture and climate to blend in. Each season would feature a new planet with a different race on it -- could be plain humans, or humans modified to suit the local environment. EVERY character on the show that season would belong to the same ethnic group. So it could go through Asian, Hispanic, African-American, Native American, etc. (or smaller and more specific groups). Total representation for a fresh group each season. The plot would arc over multiple episodes, some in the main storyline and others for general character development. I think it would be cool.

Further discussion continues regarding technology, characterization, and other aspects of the show.  Join the fun!
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