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Fixing the Half-Price Poetry Sale - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Fixing the Half-Price Poetry Sale
While busy with the Llewellyn articles, I got behind on updating my Serial Poetry page.  I thought that I had gotten that all caught up last week, but no.  While setting up the half-price poetry sale half-asleep this morning, I missed again the fact that most of the poems in One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis had already been sponsored and published.  This I discovered when someone wanted to sponsor a couple of them.  *headdesk*

I have now:
* straightened things out with the donor
* posted the two remaining poems in One God's Story
* linked the previously published poems on the series page and the half-price sale
* closed that half-price sale
* opened a new half-price sale in Hart's Farm, the runner-up in the audience poll

I still need to go back and review the entire Serial Poetry page again, to make sure that the listings are current.

I'm sorry for the hassle.  I'll try to be more careful with my poetry wrangling in the future.

I hope that this will get things back on track.  If you wanted to see the cool stuff listed for One God's Story, yay, it's all up now and you can read it.  If you were thinking about sponsoring something, please switch to the Hart's Farm sale and see if anything there appeals to you; there is an assortment of short and long, fluff and angst.  And if you voted for Hart's Farm earlier, also yay, you get that sale after all.

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