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Poem: "Theoretical Progression"

This poem from the August 2008 Poetry Fishbowl has been sponsored by minor_architect. Thank you for your support!

Theoretical Progression

Complexity Theory is just that:
a theory, and as such, subject to revision.

It was not the scientists’ fault
that they did not see the subtle dimension
connecting the natural and the manufactured,
where complex systems could shake hands like axons
and pass concepts across the culture gap.

It was not the science fiction writers’ fault
that they did not foresee what would happen
when Gaia discovered the Internet,
instantly outdating all those old stories
about supercomputers run amok.

All the computers in the world suddenly showed
the same message: That will be enough, thank you.
The nuclear reactors quietly and carefully shut themselves down.
The coal furnaces and oil rigs huffed to a stop.
The hydroelectric and solar plants whirred to a higher efficiency.

And when we couldn’t cope, Gaia gently and firmly
upgraded the coprocessors of our souls,
our narrow minds abruptly broadened by theoretical progression.
Tags: fishbowl, nature, poem, poetry, science fiction

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