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 ... trains women and other oppressed people to be good victims, because that makes life easier for the oppressors.  It can be deliberate or subconscious.  You're not crazy.  It's just that crazy, bitch, dyke, and feminist are names that women get called when they express opinions which differentiate them from doormats.

Sometimes people just LIE to you.  Trust your gut; if it says something is wrong, then something is probably wrong.  Look for objective ways to measure what is going on.  Do other people object to similar things that you do?  Do your complaints relate to practical, not just subjective, problems?  If so, it's probably objectionable.  And even if the matter is purely subjective, systematically hurting someone's feelings is emotional abuse, which is not okay either.  Stifling someone else's viewpoint ranges from suppression to outright censorship, depending on context.

Pay attention.  Know yourself and others.  Understand where your feelings are coming from.  Then speak your truth, and if people try to shut you up, fuck 'em, shout louder.
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