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Poetry Fishbowl Report for June 4, 2013

This month's topic was "sleep and dreams."  I worked from 1 PM to 12:45 AM, so about 9 hours 45 minutes allowing for breaks.  There were trickles and spurts of prompts through much of the day.

Participation was higher this month, yay!  A total of 21 people sent prompts.  There were 43 comments on LiveJournal and 22 on Dreamwidth.  Welcome new prompter DW user Chanter_greenie.

I wrote 17 poems, all posted now.  Most of the poems were free verse, along with an indriso.  Some poems had consistent verses though.  Most used one or two prompts, but I had a few that bundled several prompts.

Read Some Poetry!
The following poems from the February 2013 Poetry Fishbowl have been posted:
"Barbara's Technicolor Dreamhouse"
"Defragging the Wetdrive" (Schrodinger's Heroes)
"The Dream of Freedom"
"A Dream of Sleep"
"Dreams of War and Peace"
"Electric Dreams"
"Itching and Scratching" (Fledgling Grace)
"Kindred Dreams" (World Walkers)
"Once You Have Touched Her"
"The Red King Wakes"
"Sleepers in the City"
"Sleepfaring" (Torn World)
"Sometimes a Cigar"
"Truths of the Day and the Night"
"Walking Through Sleep and Dreams"
"Watching the Baby Sleep" (Monster House)
"Worse Than Nightmares" (Tripping into the Future)

"The Care and Feeding of Heroes" (Schrodinger's Heroes)
"Scourge" (Path of the Paladins, 4/16/13)
"The Sum of Its Parts" (An Army of One, April 2013 Creative Jam)

This fishbowl has sold out.  Yay!  You are all made of awesome.

Per the $200 goal, "Scourge" is the free epic.  Per the $250 goal, that's a tally toward a bonus fishbowl.  Per the $300 goal, there was a half-price sale in Firorenza the Wisewoman.

Donors this month include: marina_bonomi, janetmiles, technoshaman, rix_scaedu, and Shirley and Anthony Barrette.  The donor perk-post is "Surrealism."

The Poetry Fishbowl project also has a permanent landing page.
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