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Crowdfunding Creative Jam

This weekend is the Crowdfunding Creative Jam, with a theme of "conflict."  Drop by on Dreamwidth or on LiveJournal to give us prompts, claim prompts, or just watch the fun.

What I Have Written

"Coda of Honor" -- FREE (An Army of One)
A poem about conflict and difference in the Lacuna.

"Hear the People Sing" -- 86 lines (not counting quotations), $43 (An Army of One)  SOLD
A prompt about Les Miserables inspired the free-verse poem "Hear the People Sing." It features a party in the Lacuna and the freedom to express yourself however you damn well please without somebody telling you to stop or that you're doing it all wrong. 

"The Sum of Its Parts" --  70 lines, $35 (An Army of One)  SOLD
This prompt inspired the free-verse poem "The Sum of Its Parts." It explores the debate of social rules in forming the culture of the Lacuna.

From My Prompts

"We Come in Peace" by [personal profile] elizabethconall  -- a tense, beautiful ficlet about two races who hate each other, but still need each other.

"Two Souls, One Prize" by [personal profile] elizabethconall -- a powerful, eerie poem about angel sisters.  Available for sponsorship.

"Clashing Colors" by -- a vivid illustration of mirrored antagonists rendered in yellow and purple.  Click through the thumbnail image to see the whole thing.
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