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Update from Kajones_writing - The Wordsmith's Forge — LiveJournal
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Update from Kajones_writing
April is new character month. New Characters 1st – 7th April has thumbnails of the new characters introduced so far.  Update: 2nd April discusses ordering the new netbook, and story editing. Update: 4th April the new netbook has arrived. Update: 5th April covers website updates: the Donor House page is updated and there's a new guest posts page. Check out the awesome New icons of characters.

Fiction: The World Walkers: Athare: Frane: An Uncomfortable Landing introduces Frane to Leolin after a desperate jump between worlds. The Donor House: Lox: First Visit to the Donor House is about a vampire who's been living rough and now wants to come in. The World Walkers: Lorelei: Travelling Through Time is a little sweet and a little creepy, about crossing worlds and times. The World Walkers: Taithmarin: Marley: Third Generation, Born on Taithmarin shows the difference between refugees and residents.

The World Walkers: Quiar: The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments (part 8, twelth continuation) explores the World Walker tattoos. The World Walkers: Quiar: The Case of the Counterfeit Enchantments (part 8, thirteenth continuation) discusses what Moonjumpers know about the worlds, and what they share.

Other fiction: The World Walkers: Unknown World: Kalena: Returning, Thear: Maeve: Moving, The Fae World: Holly: Returning Home?

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