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General Fund Poll for the April 2, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl

We started with $68 in the general fund.  First I finished out the one open epic, "The Honeytrap," so you can now read that in full.  That leaves $41.50.  Since the April fishbowl sold out, and other stuff is going on with series, I'm offering you a chance at some previous non-series epics.  You can open any one of these with a nice big chunk of verses.

Everyone is eligible to vote in this poll.  I'll leave it open until at least Monday afternoon.  If there's a clear winner then, I'll close it.  Otherwise I may leave it open a little longer.

These are your options ...

"Conduct Unbecoming an Officer"
A far more plausible rendering of what "fuck or die" would do to the crew of a starship.
180 lines, Buy It Now = $93

At first it was flattering,
the increased size and stamina
of his intimate equipment,
and hey, he'd always wondered
about multiple orgasms.
He wasn't wondering anymore.

He was running back and forth
between sickbay and various science labs,
playing guinea pig and pincushion
to a bunch of unsympathetic and/or giggling techs,
because the damn thing would not go down.

"The Integrity Engagement"
The veterans of a war, having discovered the lies, fight back in unexpected ways.
267 lines, Buy It Now = $133.50

It was one of those times
when almost everyone agreed that
war was a necessary and natural response
to the offenses at hand.

It was a just war,
and there were few of those
to be had in these latter days.

"The Last Rose of Winter"
A very bittersweet May-December romance.
160 lines, Buy It Now = $80

Everything about it was wrong
except for the fact that they loved each other.
That was what people said,
except for the part about admitting
that they loved each other and that was all right.
Only Deshawn and Eloise focused on that part.

These are the things that everyone else
thought was so wrong about them:

"The Sweet Sound of Signalling Loreleis"
Science fantasy adventure in space with deadly sirens.
186 lines, Buy It Now = $93

The thing about space,
the thing that really got  to you,
was its silence.

Planetside there was always sound,
the rumble of distant thunder or gunfire,
the snap of branches or bones breaking,
all the little insects that fluttered or bit or sang.

"Why Old Women Fall in Love with Linguists"
A tale of history, language, and unexpected affection across cultural lines.
102 lines (not counting excerpts), Buy It Now = $51

A dozen years from now,
or a hundred, nobody will know
what they were saying
in the language they lived all their lives.

The old women know this.

Poll #1906922 General Fund Poll for April 2, 2013 Poetry Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

Which epic would you most like to open for microfunding?

"Conduct Unbecoming an Officer"
"The Integrity Engagement"
"The Last Rose of Winter"
"The Sweet Sound of Signalling Loreleis"
"Why Old Women Fall in Love with Linguists"

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