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Asexy Valentines Fest

Asexy Valentines banner with red candle and ace of hearts

We invite everyone to the 2013 Asexy Valentines Fest! Valentine's Day is about affection, not sex; asexual and/or aromantic folks can enjoy the holiday too. This is an opportunity to celebrate love and romance for their own sake, outside the expectation of sexual consummation. All types of material are welcome -- fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, music, etc. All fandoms (along with original content or crossovers) are welcome.

Posting is open from February 7-February 21 on [community profile] asexual_fandom. Read full details here. Visit the Asexy Valentines collection on AO3; there are subcollections for fanworks from 2012 and 2013. Special thanks to [personal profile] verity for the banner, collection, and Tumblr post.
Tags: art, gender studies, networking, reading, romance, weblit, writing
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