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Acing the Rainbow Bechdel

Here's an article about revising the Bechdel Test (for female characters in entertainment) to cover people of color.

Gosh, that's easy for me.  I have whole settings where there aren't  any white people, or very few.  The Whispering Sands Desert is one.  Almost all the Northerners in Torn World are golden-skinned; some of the Southerners are people of other colors.  Kande's Quest is sword & soul, set in an African-flavored fantasy world ... but I probably shouldn't count that since I designed the demons after white people, or wait, maybe I can since the unpublished poem is talking about something else.

The Schrodinger's Heroes  cast is racially diverse; they're usually talking about quantum physics and/or saving the world.  The Steamsmith  has a black protagonist, who talks with other black people in several poems, notably her mother in "Coils and Brass" and her valet Ned in "Putting the Past on a Pedestal."  Fledgling Grace has some black characters, discussing their neighborhood news in "The Wingdresser's Kitchen" and an unexpected miracle in "On a Wing and a Prayer."  Other featured people of color include Native American, Jewish, Japanese-Australian, Australian Aboriginal, mixed Hawaiian, mixed Hispanic ... I'm sure I'm forgetting some.    Kung Fu Robots is Asian wuxia science fiction and The Origami Mage is Asian fantasy.  "Starfather" has an Egyptian-descended hero talking with an Asian-descended troopmate.

If you write, how's your Rainbow Bechdel score?
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