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My Crowdfunding Activities in 2013

It is much easier to keep an accurate tally if I do it during the year rather than trying to backtrack after the fact. See my 2012 crowdfunding activity.

I serve as a maintainer of the Crowdfunding communities on Dreamwidth and on LiveJournal.

I'm organizing the 2013 Rose & Bay Awards, recognizing excellence in crowdfunding across the categories of Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron. 


Crowdfunding Creative Jam on  crowdfunding nbsp;or on the Dreamwidth community Crowdfunding
A two-day event where anyone can leave prompts on the current theme, or create anything based on prompts.  Some material is usually shared free and some is available for sponsorship.

Sketch Fest hosted by   ellenmillion
Leave prompts for artists to sketch (in any medium) with a one-hour limit on each sketch during Sketch Fest proper.  Sketches may be finished later.  They are often offered for sale.  Sponsors of Sketch Fest get to leave up to 15 prompts instead of the 5 that everyone else gets.

Torn World Muse Fusion on  torn_world
Leave prompts and create stuff related to the science fantasy setting Torn World. Some writing and art usually gets posted free to the main Torn World site, while most requires sponsorship -- unsponsored material is often posted for subscribers only.

Projects I Sponsored

The Complete Elmore Artbook by Larry Elmore
This Kickstarter project collecting the artist's best work got massively overfunded.  The goal was $17,500 and it made $299,914.

Fiction by Dreamwidth user Chanter_greenie
I sponsored the story "Autumn on the Oak Savannah" which was this author's first donation.  There is a Sponsorable Fic List and here is the first fiction fishbowl.

Icon Day by Armaina
Free 100x100 icon of your or your character, inked in monochrome.  Donors get a full color version at 300x300 size.  There are collective perks too.

Icon Day by djinni
Get a 100x100 icon of you or your character; djinni is adept at rendering humans (of all colors), furries, and assorted others.  They start as sketches, but the project consistently earns enough to reach the inked and watercolor thresholds.  There are individual and collective perks for donations.

The Many Writings of K.A. Jones by kajones_writing
There are currently fourteen collections in this project, spanning short and longer stories, many of them episodic.  Most are fantasy, but there's a little horror, a little Pagan fiction, and a few other things as well.  My favorite collections include Donor House, World Walkers, Afterlife,  and Pagan.  There are regular prompt calls and other ways to influence what gets written.  There are perks for donations.  You can also collect credits for doing things such as linking, commenting, or reviewing and then spend those on more fiction, naming characters, or whatever else you like.

Look, kajones_writing has nominated me for a Rose & Bay Award in the Patron category.  I was one of the three people who tied for the win this year.

2013 Best Patron Winner

Poetry of Elizabeth Conall
I sponsored a tanka set called "turning the seasons," written during the November crowdfunding Creative Jam.

Poetry for the Masses by thesilentpoet (see the January session)
Currently, prompt calls have a theme and are pay-what-you-will.  (This has varied over time.)  One poem is posted free and others are available for sponsorship. thesilentpoet rites in her own settings such as The Scholar's Mate, stand-alones, and some shared settings such as The Silk Road Allies and Schrodinger's Heroes.

Prompt Call by chordatesrock
Genre-bending fiction with one free story and the rest available for sponsorship.  I am a prompter for the free story "The Unknown." I am a prompter and cosponsor of the microfunded story "Unicorns and Other Fantasies."

Prompt Call by DW user sharpeningthebones
Give three aspects of a story and get a free sample.  Perks reveal more.

Sea Monster ACEO Cards by ellenmillion
These little art cards illustrate the aquatic megafauna of the science fantasy shared world of Torn World.  Donations bring perks like getting prints of the cards or even an original card, and there are collective perks too such as extending the set.

Send Anji to Horse Camp by  angela_n_hunt
This fundraiser aims to send the author to ride and photograph Lippizan horses as research for her writing.

Other Projects I Supported as a Fan

Asa Kraiya by karen_wehrstein
This is a novel of the Fifth Millennium, describing how Chevenga unmakes and remakes his life to escape a destiny of death.  It updates daily and is supported by reader donations.

Free Icon Day by DW user Itsamellama
Simple character sketches at 100x100 pixels.  There are donation thresholds for inking and coloring the icons.

Anthropomorphic webcomic about a Bowman's Wolf and robots and freedom.  Or not.

Fridge of the Damned by Michael Arnzen
This Kickstarter project features a magnetic poetry set with a horror theme, based on the author's own poems cut into individual words.

PoetTown by Kate
Imagine a website designed for posting, rating, and sharing poems.  It's in progress, with a stupendous array of features.  The designers need funds to finish the development.  There will be some kind of crowdfunding option for the poems themselves once the site launches.
See the
PoetTown development blog.

Rekindling the Fire: Ratha's Creature Graphic Novel by Sheila Ruth ( rathacat  illustrated by djinni
Dating from 1983, this is the story of a prehistoric wildcat who tames fire, now to be fully illustrated and released in graphic novel format.  Depending on how well the projects funds, it may be e-book only or e-book and paper.

Shades of A by Tab Kimpton
Asexual romance with occasional adult content.  Excellent sexual and ethnic diversity.  Full color.

The Three Jaguars by haikujaguar
A how-two webcomic about the art and business of creativity.  Black and white; updates MWF.

My Own Projects

The Poetry Fishbowl (monthly)
Live poetry activity where people give me prompts on a theme and I write poems based on whatever I get. Minimum of one free poem posted, and others available for sponsorship. Lots of different perks.  Fishbowl Open posts have a donation button.

Look, wyld_dandelyon has nominated the Poetry Fishbowl for a Rose & Bay Award in the Poetry category.  I won!

2013 Best Poetry Winner

Schrodinger's Heroes  (sporadic)
This project features an apocryphal television show supported by an imaginary fandom.  It's science fiction about quantum physics and saving the world.  The cast of characters is sexually and ethnically diverse.  Content includes fiction, poetry, LOL_HEROES (LOLCATS images of characters who are cats, or have gotten changed into cats), and other goodies.  I wroite for this project during the Poetry Fishbowl, Crowdfunding Creative Jam, bingo fests, and sundry other occasions.  The menu page has a link to my permanent donation button.

The Silk Road Allies (sporadic)
Imagine if China and Italy became friends; that's the theme of this alternative history shared world.  I write for it along wit thesilentpoet n marina_bonomi.  It features primarily poetry but there is also a bit of art, and other goodies may emerge over time.

Look, wyld_dandelyon has nominated The Silk Road Allies for a
Rose & Bay Award in the Poetry category:

2013 Best Poetry Nominee

"Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal" (updates Mondays & Wednesdays)
Set in the Southern Empire of Torn World, this novelette consists of short journal entries posted twice weekly.  It follows a young girl, Nleimen, as she discovers a love of science through breeding fancy pet mice.

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