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Poem: "Defaced"

This is the new participation perk-poem for the 2012 Holiday Poetry Sale and for Winterfaire.  So far participants include: janetmileslaffingkat, Anthony & Shirley Barrette.

This poem was written outside of any event.  It belongs to the Schrodinger's Heroes  project, which you can explore further on the menu page


Tim was using the internet
to accustom himself to human culture.
Sometimes this helped.
Sometimes it just made matters worse.

One day Morgan and Kay 
walked into the common room
to find Tim doing research about 
why humans would typically view him as a threat.

"I find your portrayal of tentacled people
very disturbing," said Tim.
"You almost never show their faces.
They are just disembodied tentacles
poking into some girl's orifices
or dangling people in the air
or firing weapons.
The only time you show a face
is if it's about to eat  someone."

"Um, Tim ... that's hentai,"
Morgan pointed out.
"Tentacle porn is not exactly
an accurate representation of humans either."

"It bothers me that you disembody
humans too," Tim said.
"Those girls do not seem to be 
enjoying the interactions."

Kay sighed,
then reached out
and tapped a few keys
to bring up other samples of porn.

"Human portrayals of people
who look like me and Morgan
aren't very nice either," Kay said,
showing him examples of
Hispanic and Asian porn.
"We objectify each other just as much.
It's simply a bad habit that humans have.
Actually, if girl has pale skin,
the tentacled person pretty much stands for
a man with darker skin."

Tim's skin, which had been
the bland putty color of the computer
and the secretary chair,
flickered through shades of pink and brown,
Morgan's gilded copper and Kay's vanilla latte.

"I do not understand," Tim said.
"Are you not all human?
Are we not all people?"

"Yes," said Kay,
"but sometimes we forget that."

Tim turned off the computer
and carefully coiled his tentacles
around Morgan and Kay,
matching their colors effortlessly.
"Perhaps," he said,
"we can remind each other
what it means to be people."

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, poem, poetry, reading, science fiction, writing

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