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Poetry Fishbowl Update

We are currently at $387 in donations.  Yay!  All perk thresholds have been reached.  All the $5-$20 poems have been sold; there are still five epics of various sizes available. 

I'll get started on the free epic poll shortly. 

The general fund currently contains $20.  I'll probably put up the general fund poll on Saturday.  If you want to put something into the general fund or one of the remaining epics, now's the time.

All previously sponsored poems have been posted.  The unsold poetry page has been updated accordingly.  There are still two verses left in "Secondary Feathers" which can be revealed by linking to the unsold poetry list or any of your favorite posted poems from this fishbowl.  "Secondary Feathers" is now complete!
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, poetry, reading, writing
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