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Dwarf Stars Winners

This crossed my desk today.  I'm delighted to see that a poem from microcosms  was among the winners.

Joshua Gage and I would like to announce the winners of the 2012 "Dwarf Stars" award for the best short science fiction poem published in 2012, voted on by the members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

The winners are:
First Place: "Blue Rose Buddha," by Marge Simon, first published in The Mad Hattery (Elektrik Milk Bath Press, 2011)
Second Place: "Closure," by Greer Woodward, first published in Illumen, Autumn 2011
Third Place: "Snowflake galaxies," by G.O. Clark, first published in microcosms, October 9, 2011

We would like congratulate all of the nominees, as well as the editors and publishers of the many magazines, anthologies, and websites who worked hard to bring us a year of excellent speculative poetry.
Geoffrey A. Landis

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