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Pushcart Nomination

I just found out that my poem "LOL_Aliens" got nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  Squee!  This is my first for that award.  It's a small press based award and nominations close on December 1.  Small press editors can nominate stuff from their own pages.

Below is the complete post from the SFPA list...

The following poems published in Star*Line during 2012 have been nominated
for the Pushcart Prize:

“LOL_ALIENS,” Elizabeth Barrette, 35.2
“Crackling Octopus,” Jessy Randall, 35.3
“Regrets Only,” Jeanie Tomasko, 35.3
“Casting the Future,” Serena Fusek, 35.3
“Cognizance: A Triptych,” Kurt MacPhearson, 35.4
“In this House of Sinners,” Isaac Black, 35.4

It was very difficult to make a decision; these poems were on my short

“Going Viral,” Mary Turzillo
“No One Wants to Run through the Woods Naked under a Full Moon Anymore,”
James Dorr “Death Star,” John C. Mannone

“Absent Fiends,” Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
“The Foundation of the Martian Stock Exchange,” Ken Poyner

“Et in Arcadia Ego,” Alicia Cole
“Intelligent Design,” David C. Kopaska-Merkel
“Overview,” Timons Esaias
“The Duelists,” Mike Allen
“Lost in Space,” Aaron DeLee

“February, 1962,” Lowell Jaeger
“Since Breaking through the Ice,” Dominik Parisien
“Wild Rat Prophecy,” Chris Lynch
“New Vaccine Slows Aging,” Mike Kriesel
“Time Travel,” Chazley Dotson

Note that the Pushcarts are for literary merit and are judged by those who
may not be familiar with spec poetry tropes and conventions. There are
other poems I personally liked very much, but for various reasons felt
would not be competitive nominations.

F.J. Bergmann
Star*Line Editor
Science Fiction Poetry Association


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