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Wishlist for the Wordsmith 2012

For those folks who'd like to know what kind of holiday gifts would make me go SQUEE, here is my holiday wishlist. If you think that wishlists are tacky, this post is not addressed to you and you should skip it. Happy holidays, all.

My Amazon Books wishlist is up to date. Type in "Elizabeth Barrette" (there were two, last I checked; mine is the central Illinois entry).

Other good bets are things that don't matter if duplicated:
Austrian crystal window prisms, suncatchers, stained glass, ornaments made of mirror bits, other sparklies
Stickers, lasercuts, or paper for scrapbooking
Things that glow in the dark

Unique things:
If you are a writer or artist and your work is not so widely available that I probably have it already, copies are most welcome. I love having things by people I know personally.

If you live far from Illinois, local arts or crafts are a good idea.

Tiny animals carved from semi-precious stone.

One or two 12x12" nonstick cookie sheets or baking trays with a shallow edge. That's the interior size of my oven racks, and the trays that came with are definitely not nonstick.

From Looney Labs:
Star Fluxx
Martian Fluxx
The Computer individual Fluxx card
Small Pandora's Boxx

Jewelry -- necklaces are probably easiest. I love colored semi-precious gemstones, Celtic knotwork, and Pagan motifs.

I have two scrapbooking border punches right now, one with little hearts in it and Elegance which is a scroll pattern. Fiskars is my favorite brand, with patterns like Boundary Waters, Leaf, and Lace. I'm also hankering after the EK Moon & Stars, Alpine Trail, Candles, or Snowflake border punches.

From the Particle Zoo, so far I have Dark Matter and I am most interested in adding a Strange Quark, a Tachyon, and a Photon.

General parameters:
I think crowdfunding is cool. I love supporting artists, writers, and other creative folks. You can see some of my favorites here.
I think homemade gifts are cool.
I think gift cards are cool. (Favorite bookstore: Barnes & Noble, and I can make use of Amazon. Favorite craft store: Michael's.)
Plain old money is also fine, especially for my friends outside the U.S.A. for whom conversion might be more convenient than shipping; I have a permanent PayPal button on my LiveJournal profile page. PLEASE include a note saying something like "Holiday gift for Ysabetwordsmith" so I can distinguish it from crowdfunding.
I strongly prefer paper books to electronic books, but will resort to reading ebooks if something really cool lacks a hardcopy edition.

My t-shirt size is Large. Preferred style is unisex/men's/unfitted.
My favorite color is blue, but I like most bright colors, and black. I hate pink.
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