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Half-Price Poetry Sale, Part 2 - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Half-Price Poetry Sale, Part 2

The half-price poetry sale is now CLOSED.  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

This week I posted a half-price poetry sale in the series Fledgling Grace, and the original batch of poetry sold out.  However, comments have led to several new poems, and the week isn't over yet.  So if you want these, they are available at the sale rate.  I've listed them in approximate chronological order.

"The Invisible Things of Him" -- The priest and the angel discuss why God is giving people wings.  This is a sequel to "Moulting" and "The Fledging."  Inspired by a comment from siege.
100 lines, was $50, sale price $25

"False Prophets" -- With God not providing answers to the many questions that people have, some individuals decide to fill the gap.  Inspired by a discussion with my_partner_doug.
54 lines, was $20, sale price $10

"Secondary Feathers" -- What happens to agnostics and atheists during the Fledging?  Inspired by a comment from catsittingstill.
68 lines, was $34, sale price $17

"Eiderdown" -- See how the Fledging affects children.  Inspired by a comment from catsittingstill.
54 lines, was $20, sale price $10  SOLD

"Pluck" -- Beating up queer people turns out to have unexpected consequences.  Inspired by a comment from catsittingstill.
50 lines, was $20, sale price $10  SOLD

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