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General Fund Followup Poll for November 2012

This is a followup poll to distribute the rest of the general fund from the November 6, 2012 Poetry Fishbowl.  Everyone is eligible to vote.  I will keep this poll open until at least Monday morning.  If there is a clear winner then, I'll close it; otherwise, I may leave it open a little longer.

You have $25.50 to spend.  There are three epics left from this session:

"Behind a Great Woman" -- 141 lines, $141 (The Steamsmith)
I combined several of your prompts about Maryam and great women.  The result is "Behind a Great Woman," in which Maryam attends a garden party at Chiswick and gets a discreet jump up the social ladder.

"The Saga of Eriksdottir" -- 60 lines, $60 (The Asgard Eddas)
From your prompt about Freydis Eriksdottir I got the poem "The Saga of Eriksdottir," belonging to The Asgard Eddas.  When the men of her settlement falter under an alien attack, she takes up arms to defend it herself.  This poem is written in unrhymed quatrains with the central caesura that essentially doubles each verse, so I'm pricing it at $1/line.

"The Voyage to Vaucouleurs" -- 84 lines, $84 (The Arc of Joan)
The prompt about Joan of Arc led to the free-verse poem "The Voyage to Vaucouleurs."  It's the second in the series The Arc of Joan, set in nether-England like The Steamsmith but earlier in time.  It even lays some background for Maryam's experiences.  Anyhow, this poem tells how Jeanne d'Arc leaves home and deals with the hassle of people who just want to get in her way, before she can make progress.

Poll #1878238 General Fund Followup for November 2012
This poll is closed.

Do you want to open ONE new epic, or TWO?


If ALL the money goes into ONE poem, which should it be?

Behind a Great Woman
The Saga of Eriksdottir
The Voyage to Vaucouleurs

If the money is split between TWO poems, how should that go?

$17.50 into "Great Woman" and $8 into "Saga"
$17.50 into "Great Woman" and $8 into "Voyage"
$13.50 into "Voyage" and $12 into "Saga"

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