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Update from Kajones_writing

November features the Fae World.  There is now a commissions page if you want to buy stories with money or credits.  The October Prompts Session is closed, but you can read what came in.  Read the October Roundup for links to all the posts and an author summary of activity.  Explore some advance plans for 2013 and share your opinion on the direction things should go.  The November 4 Update gives more author news and some short-term plans; the NaNoWriMo project is now in progress, yay!

In particular, I encourage you to contribute to the never-ending prompt sessionkajones_writing wants to make a personalized bingo card of short prompts -- character names, personality traits, disabilities, photos, etc.  So leave handful of ideas and let's see where this goes.

Background Material: 1. Stories in the Fae World Collection
Tags: call for prompts, cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, networking, projects

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