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More Poems from Fledgling Grace

These are some more poems from the series Fledgling Grace, based on the insightful comments that people have made under the posted poems.

"Dark Triangles" -- In France, the descendants of invaders come together.
Prompted by rhodielady_47
65 lines, Buy It Now = $32.50

"Fledermäuse" -- Not everyone gets the wings of birds, and people argue over the interpretations. This poem is darker than most of the others.
Prompted by siliconshaman
83 lines, Buy It Now = $41.50

"Dancing Down the Sky" -- Powwows are more colorful now that different tribes, and some unexpected neighbors, have their own wings.
Prompted by siliconshaman
96 lines, Buy It Now = $48

"The Poi Bird" -- Someone appears with their mixed heritage painted collectively all over wings and tail.
Prompted by rhodielady_47
30 lines, Buy It Now = $15

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, ethnic studies, fantasy, poetry, reading, shopping, spirituality, writing

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