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Villanelles from the Wordsmith's Forge

I found this thoughtful essay about the villanelle, which is one of my favorite forms.

To write a good villanelle, you need two strong lines with the same rhyme and meter.  Those are your A lines that become the refrains.  Another line goes between them, and that sets your second rhyme, the b line.  It can have a different rhythm, if you want to create tension or variety; or use the same rhythm as the A lines for tighter cohesion.  I like this form for its balance between repetition and variation.  It's a good match for weighty topics, for things that make you circle around the same idea or two competing ideas.

So here's a look at some villanelles I have posted online:
"The Bonecage"
"Fiorenza and the Sea" (Fiorenza the Wisewoman"
"This Curséd Gift"
"The Treasures of Marco Polo" (The Silk Road Allies)
"What Evil Must Be Done"
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