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Update from Kajones_writing

October is Donor House month.  Thoughts is about audience interaction and how to get more feedback, with a discussion in the comments below it.  The poll for November's featured collection is still open.  World Walkers is now listed on Web Fiction Guide so please recommend, rate, and/or review it if you're registered on that service.  Those of you collecting credits can earn some for that kind of promotion.  Also, [personal profile] kajones_writing has been having website trouble this week; see Website Down and Online Again for details.

Worldbuilding: 40. Races of the Web, 41. The Hidden Places, 42. The Doors, 43. The Demons, and 44. Tattoo Magic

Fiction: "Quiar: Adoni: Swallow the Sky" is a reprint of the story I wrote about an old tiger recounting the end of the Great War.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fiction, networking, reading, weblit, writing

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